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BJS need

April 8th, 2005 at 04:26 am

Well we fogot to go yesterday, sortof, we hate having to go a billion places in one day and I doubt we would have gone even if we remembered, DS was pretty in need of alone time by the time we got home, disapeared into DDs room and stayed there fo most of half an hour. So we need to go today butI don't want to mess up dinner on top of messing up yesterday, and tomorrow being DS' birthday, so I think I am going to ask my neighbor if she needs to go. (saving on gas if so Smile.)

Also I think I may finally have got m DH to switch to a morning shower which will save on water, he has long curly hair that must be wet to 'fix' so he used to get a night shower using a lot o water! then get his head soaked in the morning, not as much water but he still had the faucet running for 15 minutes. I have suggested a switch many times, considering the amount of time he spends getting it all wet I think he could have more relaxing morening in the shower. He did it today and we will see if it lasts.

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