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Park and wndys

April 6th, 2005 at 11:17 am

So my neighbor asks if I want to go to the park with her (she's driving) I said yes got out the old carseat for my DD, suffered with the belt adjuster for DS and off we went, fun, but man I was reminded how other peoples stroller kids have no idea how to put real physical work out. DS and DD walked all over the place checked out flowers, rocks, dirt, sticks and all kinds of stuff, we ate there but it was DDs nap time by the time we headed for home, and the only sign of it was her pokiness (she is 16mo) the 20 mo old was whining to be carried on the way to the swings, never mind the way home! I mean I know my kids have a advantage (drawback?) in that I don't pick them up to often while pregnant (which is a lot Smile.) and I never used strollers so there really is the asssumption that it is walk or don't go in their minds. But really kid is older than DD and is screaming on the way back. There is a snowballs chance in you know where of her ever having her kid walk to the park, she wont even let her 11 year old walk to the school that has sidewalks to it, only one major road (that should have a crossing guard instead of a traffic cop, but the cop would help kid cross as needed)

remind me again how america is obese and all that? like no one can see the public schools role in this?

K so the wendys part, she decides on her way out that she is taking herself and her kid to wendys, I didn't handle it right, should have said 'no DD needs her nap', but I was starving and jelous so I wasn't thinking, I just said I didn't bring any money with me, she of course said she could spot me, I said there isn't any in the house (mostly true, I need what I have for groceries) she said she would cover and I would get it next time, I said I'm not going to have it next time either thanks. She had an odd look, like she didn't realize how boke we are. and prolly couldn't imagine being willing to stay home if it left her that broke.

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