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Just complaining

June 30th, 2006 at 07:56 am

Today is not a good day, not good at all.

First UE pooped in the tub

And we have no bleach, I have bleach in my cleaner, but I wanted to just leave the toys soak in bleach for a bit….But I can't...

Then I discovered I have to wash the swim stuff again. No one line dried them last night.

Then JC missed the potty...and tried to clean it up herself, she is soo 'helpful'. Did I mention we are out of bleach?

Now GMC tried to pour himself a drink, of red koolaid, we aught to ban red koolaid. (we water it down and it is a rare treat, but that isn't enough anymore)

I am about ready to fall asleep at the keyboard, and the kids are making a HUGE mess with toys today (they usually do, but today it irritates me)

Oh and to top it all off, for some reason I can't get my hair stick to stick without hurting me...

And of course the ILs may or may not be stopping by at any point, but I wont know cause I don't have a phone....

And I yahoo searched a photo of 'annie' the girl from the movie....do you know what you find when you search a girls name on yahoo? Closed that quick.

And btw I feel insulted by something someone posted...ain't that a waste of feeling! good grief. It is anonymous, online, no one knows me from Adam, why would I be insulted?

One good thing, DH found Annie for me. image search for aileen quinn annie

Tomorrow, the sun'll come out tomorrow, wonder if it would mind hurrying up a bit?

A mattress or two

June 30th, 2006 at 06:28 am

The ILS brought the frame for JCs 'ladder bed'. It was at one time a bunk bed for my husband and his brother so the headboard and foot board are 'laddered' so a kid can climb up it easily. It will never be a bunk bed cause the holes to connect them were filled in. Which is fine. anyway,

We need to get a mattress for her, and while we are there we are finally going to get one for us. It will have to be delivered, and we have to find free time to go pick it out/pay for it. but now that we have the frame we can. I can't wait.

JC says she would like a pink bedspread, since it is summer we can take all the time in the world to find the 'perfect one'.. OR something that will last her into the teen years anyway. No fad blankets for her, we need something she wont mind using now and in the future, not to mention soemthing that will be versitile and go with any future sisters bedspread....(not perfect match, just in the room non clashing)

Knowledge is power

June 29th, 2006 at 05:09 am

Ok so I am not one of those people that has to plan everything down to the minute, in fact I am rather flexible, things can change in an instant and I can usually come up with a way to roll with it. Often still accomplishing some or all of my immediate goals.


This is a big but, I like to have some clue to start with so I can make contingency plans and so I knwo what goasl must be accomplished.

So this whole thing where no information is known, or partial information is given or misinformation passed along really irritates me.

Wanna know what the plans are for today? so do I, so do I...I hate being powerless

old fitness goal

June 29th, 2006 at 04:56 am

So awhile ago I tried to concentrate on fitness for amonth. it didn't work to well. I could list the excuses but I already spent the entire month doing that!

I pretty much go to the pool everyday, and you might think that is useful, but it isn't. I mainly hold UE while the other two play. (BTW did I mention GMC can swim the whole 25 meter length of the pool?-dogpaddle) sure I bounce UE or swing him around, but it just doesn't equal a daily 1/2 mile walk.

So I need to find more time, I need to MAKE time for me to work out other than the pool. I am debating on before the pool or after.

I already wont go to the pool till I have dishes, laundry and breakfast taken care of, but that is mainly for the kids..I mean I do most of the work, but it helps them know what we have to get done. Most days that is not to hard and we get out the door on time (pool opens at 10) so adding something to the work sounds semi reasonable, but then it might take longer.

I dunno, maybe I am just to busy making excuses to get out of toning the abs!

My birthday bench is up!

June 29th, 2006 at 04:34 am

FIL and BIL came last yesterday and put it up!

I love it, it still needs doors,and I am a bit worried about splinters inside, but it is the right size it makes my kitchen look so much bigger, and I can't wait to put stuff under it!

Oh but I want too.....

June 27th, 2006 at 02:46 pm

I really really want to diss my MIL...

For the week we canceled bibleschool so that we would be here to see them....

Day one it rained...and we managed fine, we had a contingency plan and we got a phone call earlyish telling us that the day was rained out, plus there was a baseball game from the other cousin. No big, we had to go to the store anyway.

Day two: "if we come before 12:30 we willlook for you at the pool" This leaves me with the expectation of an early afternoon visit.
-At 12:30 I wasn't supprised they weren't here, they were afterall only saying 'if' -at 1:30 I was happy UE wasn't napping anyway, so I wasn't really ready.
-at 2:30 I thought i shouldn't make pizza I will be flouring up the kitchen and in the way.
-at 330 I thought I should have made pizza...and gone to the pool.
-at 430 I thought I shouldn't vent at DH he doesn't need to hear it.....
-at 5:30 (after dinner was cleaned up) I decided to come vent online Smile.

In prep for them comming:
-I had the kitchen cleaner and clearer of 'stuff' (even moved the chairs out) so they had nothing to move when they put the bench stuff in, ...
-I kept the kids toys to a minimum so they would be easy clean up (good as my kids can be at clean up it all goes out the window when we have company)
-I carefully ran an extra load of laundry so that my kids were wearing clothes that grandma brought for them (dressed them that way yesterday too..)
-I cooked grilled cheese, I can make extra if they do come and no leftovers if they don't...not to mention the nbo pizza so I am not flouring up the kidtchen.
-I left the air on, albeit at 80 not the 75 we will turn it down to if they ever come, but still.

I did all that for nothing...Now I know things come up, and yesterday I might not like it, but no big, it is hard on vacation, and today it shouldn't be that big of a deal...I am only annoyed at wasted effort, cause I am lazy, and effort is well effort Smile.

I keep saying 'things come up' over and over to myself...do you think it will work? Will I stop being annoyed anytime soon?

Actually yes, after putting it all down here for the world to see I do feel better..for now....'Course I will feel like a heel if they ever see this!


June 26th, 2006 at 06:06 am

Unschooling is the most common term for 'desire led leaning' or 'child directed learning' or 'unstructured learning'
And it goes totally against what most of us were indoctrinated to believe.

Unschooling mainly means, not forcing a child to learn. Not sitting them down for X number of hours (and not finding extra work to fill said hours) Not having a predetermined timeline set by average kids.

Bit different from the 6 hours mandatory for learning, the rest for fun. But in fact it is more like the origional word 'school' it meant free time in Greek, and apparently lots used their free time to learn. Unfortunatly now free time is for TV or playstation while school means work... I think we messed up in translation.

But how do you know they are learning? What if they learn the worng things? What if they don't learn anything? What are they doing if you are not making them sit for schoolwork?

Those are all the questions I still have about it. I don't have a lot of answers but the more I look into unschooling the more I reinforce two lessons.

lesson one: Unschooling can be used as an excuse to not teach period, or even worse as an excuse to not parent. I hate this lesson, every time I see unschooling used I cringe in fear that it will be another bad example of not parenting or not teaching.

Lesson two: I am an unschooler! I like this lesson. While I hate being lumped in with the first type of parent, I love being lumped in with the actual desire led learners.

I love seeing new ways my children learn without busy work. And an added bonus, it is cheaper..well not really. It is cheaper on busy work (why buy it if you don't want to use it) but more expensive in that your children have time to check out everything and anything, and we want them too! So we buy the violin weather or not our kid will complete training and be a master, we just want them to check it out. We buy the paint set weather or not our kid will be the next Da Vinci, we just want them to check it out. The hard part is being frugal while providing all the opportunity. The easy part is finding interest and time.

It's a whole new world...

June 26th, 2006 at 05:44 am

We live in a different world, a world of helathfood, and structure, and rules, and excersise and.... it is weird when visitors from the other world (the one we used to live in) come visit!

Yesterday for a treat we were given apples, the kids love apples, green ones, or yellow...we never eat red....apparently the visiting teens preffered my yellow to red too Smile (I used to only eat red, now it is only green or yellow)

We were also given some bread and cheese product in a mini pack...you paid how much for 5 tiny sticks of bread and some fake cheese like substance? (I used to too)

Shopping we were offered new shoes for JC, she has 4 pair, more than anyone else in the house, and one of each 'kind' known to man (well worn in summer) oh except flipflops...she doesn't need new sandals, though yes they were cute. (I used to buy shoes just cause they were cute, had no room for em, got em squished, ruined)

I appriciate the attempt to treat, and I actually appricate how hard it can be, normal doesn't work for us. No sugar en mass (small quantities yes) no fake food en mass (share it with daddy). We make it so hard!

Then there was the conversation about sitting at a TV w.... the conversation about why we didn't rewind the movie for the kids to rewatch I don't actaully want them to watch an hour two days in a row! I remember when DH and I would sit blankly in front of the computer like that, but I would never want my kids to live like that.

As long as I never forget that I too once did all that I am going ot enjoy the benifits of living with my 'different view' And I am sooooooooo greatful my husband is here with me! I couldn't live if he wasn't on my side helping keep the kids healthy.

So much for expensive food!

June 24th, 2006 at 10:33 am

interesting article from another blog here Middle class

"What about food? Surely, families are eating out more and buying shopping carts full of designer water and exotic fruit? In fact, today’s family of four actually spends 23 percent less on food (at-home and restaurant eating combined) than its counterpart of a generation ago. The slimmed-down profit margins in discount supermarkets have combined with new efficiencies in farming to cut more costs for the American family.

Hmm so I am spending less than my grandma did to feed my kids? And the article goes on to note other areas are cheaper now, appliances ect...

so why am I able to be a SAHM?

"What happens to the family that tries to get by on a single income today? Their expenses would be a little lower because they can save on childcare and taxes, and, if they are lucky enough to live close to shopping and other services, perhaps they can get by without a second car. But if they tried to live a normal, middle-class life in other ways—buy an average home, send their younger child to preschool, purchase health insurance, and so forth—they would be left with only $5,500 a year to cover all their other expenses. ..."

That is the secret, I do not live a 'normal' middle class life (BTW I livein middleclass suburbia, but our wages are 'poor' - partly because it is just him working) I have the middle class house, and one middle class car...thats it...the rest is all frugal..even the homeschooling, it is way cheaper to homeschool thant to have to get a second car and pay for all the other 'stuff' that coems with school..especially at the younger ages. I could never afford to send my kids to public school!

Another question I now have...why is loan sharking legal nowadays? I mean even in the dark ages it was at least labeled as such..you borrowed off the mafia, you were asking for trouble or the dirty grungy guy in a back alley.....but those nice people in suits don't really look like the mafia...they just loan like it....not that the libertarian in me needs any more regulation...just I dunno....I hate to see people taken advantage off with pages of legalese..and such.

New tech = worse planning

June 24th, 2006 at 10:07 am

A short while ago (by historic standards anyway) You couldn't keep your lunch hot or cold for hours on end. Sure you could pack up a lunch in a pail, but who knows what temperature it was when you ate it. Ona hot day, prolly super hot, tin pail, lots of sun...In the winter prolly frozen, tin pail, ice and snow around...

So either you ate it the way it was, or you devised some odd way to keep it cooler/hotter. Like burying it with a hot stone, or by the fire, (good way to lose it/get it burned up) or you let it drag in a cool stream (real good way to get it eaten by an animal of sorts.) In general you had a bit of a problem. but if you needed to be working all day and didn't want to walkk hom, you suffered.

Nowadays we have coolers that will keep ice frozen for 24 hours, and insulated thermous' that will keep hot foods hot for 12, so why do we hardly ever pack real food? Oh sure you see lots of people packing pop and potato chips, but how often do you see someone packing dinner? or lunch. One that doesn't come out of a vaccum sealed bag? What is the point of all that tech, if it is just used to keep ice umm ice?

getting good at pool snacks and meals

June 24th, 2006 at 06:28 am

So I am getting good at this now, aside form the simple PBnoJ I managed to take yogurt, I put the frozen fruit in the bowl and added yogurt, the frozen fruit helped keep it cool!

A couple spoons a drink or two and some crackers completes a simple lunch.

I also have been expiramenting with the 'calzone' I am sure the inventor is lamenting the abuse I am giving, but it is working.

Aside form pepperonni we used beef n carrots, chicken (out of veggies!) bacon and green peas.

The crust is like sourdough bread, so it is pretty versitile going with anything (but not really all that sour, it tasts like pizza crust mostly) The only trouble is you have to bake it, that heats up the house a bit, but it is still pretty cheap.

For snacks I figured out if you wrap a knife and a peeler in a towel no one gets hurt, then put it and a mango in a box in the bag (less banging against the leg while walking.) Proly work for apple too, just havn't done that yet.

Beating the heat

June 23rd, 2006 at 05:26 am

We ran out of 'lil swimmers' (for those of you not blessed with unpotty trained kids within the last couple of years they are like diapers only they don't hold water so they don't swell in the pool. -and if they don't hold water what happens to the pee?)

Anyway, no 'lil swimmer' no pool for UE. No pool for UE means no pool for Mommy! This was the end of the world, yesterday was the looooongest day of the summer. The house was 85 by 10 am, 90 by dinner and I couldn't go soak in a pool! (we don't want to talk about what it ws outside)

Many days I go to the pool about 10am soak for a bit, then sit down dripping to feed UE in the shade, he is cool and wet, I am cool and wet, life is good (GMC and JC are splashing in the pool)

Yesterday no pool, dripping with sweat, which actually seems to do nothing to cool one off, I moped around, watching sweat pour off GMC's nose I dragged thru the morning chores. Wiping sweaty hair from JCs face I plodded along thru cleanup. And horror of horrors I had to hold UE snuggled close for a sweaty feeding session. UGH! I was miserable, and did I mention no pool?

I spent my morning so wrapped up in no pool I missed several obvious things...like a hose! We finally went out in the afternoon and goofed off with the hose (I even weeded the garden while out htere) cool and comfy we came in to the house all relaxed and goofy. It was great! why didn't I think of this earlier?

reason: because I was too wrapped up in what I couldn't have. I see it in my kids all the time, the mini tantrum about a red duplo brick, keeping them from using a different but perfectly identical red duplo brick! Or they are having a tantrum over juice refusing to drink water right in front of them (it was in the wrong glass or something).

I see it in them, roll my eyes and suggest they instantly switch (take what you can get) but when I do it, fussing about a pool, it takes me all morning to think of a perfectly good alternative!

Just what am I preparing them for anyway?

June 23rd, 2006 at 03:49 am

I read this blog, Renaissance Mom about preparing kids/kittens.

"They need to do THE ACTUAL THING in youth that they’ll be doing as adults."

Err the actual things thay will be doing? A kitten has limited options...1. hunt or 2. be cute and get fed.

My kids on the other hand have many many options. From Dr to accountant, to farmer, or lawyer, or, or, or.... My kids can do anything (of course!) yet none of it is at all like school...

"They don’t need to learn how to survive emotionally and psychologically in a group of 30+ peers within 12 months of their own age. ....... Nor will they ever need most of the things that they’d be force-fed in traditional “school”. None of these things will prepare them to be “good grown-up cats”. "

Preparing my chilfren instead needs to be a mix of real world oportunity (politics at the pool, math while cooking, mix of ages at a party, calm reading at a library, running a house, etc.) With a bit of 'playing the game' for good measure.

I am not so naive to think that no one judges me by my clothes, but I don't really care, I don't have to. My husband on the other hand,'buisness casual' is required to work. So long as my kids can dress the part when needed, they never need to know a single 'in' style. Nor do they need to know the 'right shoe'. (right hair, right brand...)

No I will spend my time teaching my kids anything they want to know, and I will continue to expose them to all different types of people, backgrounds, walks of life, and incomes. I will not require them to do more than behave, but I will invite them and nyone around me to grow, learn, and live.

So whats that got to do with money? Everything, my kids are here when I spend it, they are here when I balance it, budget it, and waste it. They wont be wondering to SA at 20 learning how to budget 'now that your an adult' they will be using those skills NOW to prepare for being 'all grown up'. (and comming to SA for support/sense of community Smile.)

Educate on a dime - pre: laundry

June 22nd, 2006 at 06:33 am

Laundry, we were folding laundry and I was lamenting how little 'schoolwork' we had been doing lately. Then I thought about it, to fold towels we have to take a square and fold it in half to make a rectangle, then in half again to make a square. That is a great way to learn some simple geometry.

Then there are the hand towels, they need folded in thirds, again great practice.

The big towels I fold still. But yesterday I tried something different, we counted towels and raced. There happened to be 8 hand towels (for GMC) and 8 big towels, so we counted out 8 washclothes and raced to see who could fold them the fastest. Mommy served as commentator, slowing my own work down to keep more in pace with them. (that and I helped rescue JCs washclothes from UE!) THere was a great math lesson.

Then we switched to 'sportsmanship' when I finished my big towels I helped JC with her washclothes (there were 17!) And when GMC finished his handtowels he helped as well. I figure this lesson went over very well, since when Daddy asked who won, GMC replied 'we all did'!

Kids are like sponges, they soak up information whether you want it or not, we can only chose what information is available.

Procrastination and money

June 20th, 2006 at 06:31 am

I have found that procrastination is my first tactic when any problem arrises. Sometimes it sounds reasonable "we'll cross that bridge when we come to it" But in reality putting things off costs money.

Even if I have to plan two or three options to cover what 'may happen' I will at least have a better idea of how to deal.

If I actually balance the checkbook I know what I have to splurge with, and I can plan for what I can't. If I actually search early for presents I can avoid the last minute gas and buy anything no matter the cost trouble. (course no amount of searching helps for some people, they are just hard to buy for period!)

If I plan a trip to go the shortest route covering all that needs done, or pack as much the night before to save time I can save on the 'stress costs' (like eating out, or extra chocolate, chocoale is a big stress reliever!)

Now if I could only put that good intentions to good use.....

An end to a bad week.

June 19th, 2006 at 11:53 am

This Sunday my pastor mentioned, “There are no guarantees in parenting”. Inwardly I groaned, I whined, and I ranted at God. “But I want one!” I want a guarantee that my children will turn out all right. (And while we are at it, I would like a definition of that ‘all right’!) After a rough week with the kids, I want more than a suggestion to try (believe me I have prolly tried it anyway). I don’t want platonic reassurances, and I certainly don’t want to be told ‘there are no guarantees!”. I like simplicity, and consistency: “do x get result y”. I want proof that it will work. I want assurance that this method, or that method will turn out well-behaved civilized adults, with great money sense, a great spouse, and job they love.

But as the sermon went on, I came to the realization that’s why I need faith, faith that I can do this, faith that they will turn out all right. Faith that God has a plan for them, faith that they wont go to college in diapers or sleep in my bed forever, faith that one day they will dress and feed themselves, even drive themselves (hopefully to work not crazy). With no promise or guarantee I need faith that they will, one day, make good choices in food, health and love.

As I returned home with my family the true test comes. Will renewed faith in God’s plan translate to new tricks and better-behaved children? I doubt it, but I might at least be in a better mood trying!

Tupperware Fun

June 19th, 2006 at 07:31 am

We dipped chocolate, giggled, laughed and in general had a grand old time. I diudn't meet the total, but I think the tupperware lady at least covered the cost of gas to come see me.

I still have to pick my 'free' stuff. and one possible order.

The kids had the most fun and I found a pink pitcher (littly, toy sized), I am so getting it for JC! I think I might get one for my niece to, she is only one, but it is cute, and might not be there next year.

Educate on a dime - pre

June 16th, 2006 at 06:43 am





I know you think I went crazy, honest I didn't. I was just playing with UE. I touch his nose, then mine, saying nose. He giggles, we do it again. (and again, and again) right now it is just fun, but later when I start asking him where his nose is and he has the hand control to get there he will remember the game and find his nose. (right now he can get somewhere in the general vicinity, but a nose is pretty small!)

Teaching kids should be a way of life, not a 'sit down and learn what I said' session. Teaching babies is often automatic as we live life, teaching older children should be too.

Kids are like sponges, they soak up information whether you want it or not, we can only chose what information is available.

Cost of friendship

June 15th, 2006 at 10:38 am

Early dinner: 5$
Gas to meet: 5$
Snacks at meet: 5$
Chocolate (for me!): 5$

Being there to see friend finish the swim meet: priceless.

(BTW the chocolate is to destress me after having to keep 3 kids entertained at a pool they are NOT allowed to swim in!)

Bit by the money bug

June 14th, 2006 at 07:40 am

Yesterday I goofed off planning what we could do 'when we add a second story' We have joked about it being cheaper than buying a bigger house, and talked of it, but never serious.

Yesterday I mapped it out, I planned it down to the fixtures int he bathrooms! I counted out feet, placed beds, and made fancy desks to fill the empty space we would generate.

As I drifted off to sleep daydreaming of our huge house, I realized, I was bit by the money bug. I was spending money we didn't have, I was wasting cash on an impossible endevor.

I needed to come back to reality. Reality is we can barely pay our mortgage. (ever notice that starts with 'mort' meaning dead, or death?) and I am not likely to build one more bedroom much less a house full....

Frugal fondu

June 13th, 2006 at 06:55 am

We are having chocolate fondu for the party Friday, and I have no recipie!

I hate that, I looked up a few, and aside form all taking some form of liqure they are all different!

Ok so they also all have some chocolate, and some form of milk (heavy cream, sweetened condensed milk, half and half, whatever)Shall I just guess at a good combo?

Reading addiction

June 12th, 2006 at 08:30 am

My name is Princess Perky, and I am a reader. When I read I immerse myself in the book, losing all thought of time. Physical needs like hunger, thirst, and rest are pushed away while much stronger thirst for more of the story demands I slake it.

For the sake of a good book I have neglected self, family, friends, chores, and life. But oddly what is forever etched in my mind as proof of my addiction is the many insults given to strangers or mere acquaintances. While awaiting a bus, in a line, or at a Drs, I can remember countless faces all blurring before me as I tried fruitlessly to wrestle my gaze from the latest book, or even just a waiting room magazine. A conversation was merely a series of battles with the need to read pulling me back to the print. Struggles to dredge up the appropriate questions, or comment on the weather were sandwiched between mental arguments with myself. “Just another minute”, “you can read later”, “don’t look at the words”. I always failed in the end and the person lost to the pull of the print.

You might be thinking a reading addiction is a good thing, we spend millions of dollars a year in America trying to convince people to pick up books, newspapers, even just the directions to a game. But to me, reading is a burning need, not a relaxing treat. Offering me a good book is like offering the town drunk the finest of your vineyards. A waste. The point for an addict is not really the act, but the ability to fulfill the need. A chance to quiet the demanding voice for just a moment. I pore though a book immersing myself in the world some author lovingly created. Ignoring all but the most urgent needs in order to read it now.

Then I finish, the world fades quickly, leaving a sweet aftereffect for a moment. I rush to fill my needs before the hunger is back. An insatiable lust for more reading grows stronger by the minute. By sheer force of will I drink water and focus on physical needs. The gnawing desire to read fills my every waking hour. But I battle it down, accomplishing tasks slowly but steadily. I remind myself the hangover I feel is punishment for my abuse. I force myself to complete simple tasks, all the while fighting the urge to open a new book.

Today again, as I have many times in the past, I commit to ‘sobering up’ I don’t want to go ‘dry’ I never want to truly give up my books. But instead I make childish promises that the next book I‘ll read in chapters, rationing myself in between chores. I devise ingenious ways to hide the book from myself. Or I debate when I will really deserve to reread a book. (this never works with a new book).

But then life happens. My day goes wrong. All my good intentions crumble. I turn to my book declaring, "I need this". At first it is wonderful a relaxation of my guard. I release the demon demanding pleasure and allow it full reign. I immerse myself in the world, devouring word after word at break neck speed. A cushion against the troubles of the day surrounds me.

Then I hear a voice, insistent and repeating. I hear it as if from far away, requesting a drink, or help. I work myself back to the present, pulling myself from the fog to listen to the words. I find a child pressed close to my side, as if by physical contact they can bring me back to them. Fortunately a child’s need lends strength to my will. I wrench myself completely free from the words. I see to the need then in a pause when finished the demon urges me back to the book. Some days I borrow strength from my children’s needs to accomplish other tasks. Or I grab a drink for myself as well as them.

But always the book calls to me. A siren call, sweet and seductive, inviting me to lose myself in a world of no real concern. I can resist for only so long, then, my strength depleted, I return to the book. I sink into the enveloping warmth. The cocoon of fog rises to separate me from the world. It is with no small portion of regret that I succumb to the monster need, knowing it will be ever harder to pull myself from it’s grasp next time.


June 11th, 2006 at 10:43 am

I actually have one, I mean an updated one, I had one when I was paying off the CC but I thought it was time to redo it without the CC payment on it. And with our auto deposit.

I found out 71% of our monthly aftertax checks goes to bills! Then there is food, and the auto depost, oh and twice a year the insurance on the car, plus once a year the HOA fees. That is a lot of money, and honest we don't use water or electricity or gas like most of our neighbors...we just live in an expensive neighborhood.

From what is left we have to get food and fun and hopefully savings.......Somehow though that small ammount seems nice when I look at not having to pay a CC bill off. I just am having trouble working up the energy to scrimp to pay the mortgage off early. Boy would that free up the budget!

Fathers day

June 9th, 2006 at 06:00 am

Just what do you get the guy who has everything cheap they may need? The kids made cards, but I think something else aught to go with it. I just have no idea what!

We did magnet pictures last year, whic was cute, but the picture faded, least ours did. I wouldn't mind pictures again, but our printer is almost completly out of ink Frown.

Somehow I don't think some cutesy homade beauty product will work....

Dreaming of college

June 8th, 2006 at 06:48 am

I dreamed I went back to college last night. I have no idea why I would do that. I don't work, my career is taking care of the kids. Somehow a degree doesn't help in that situation!

Degrees are great for padding the resume, with no information to go on a prospective employer can look at a string of titles and degrees and hope they actually account for some skills, or at the least some dedication to finish all the tests and stick with the silly rules. (art appriciation is required for a computer degree?)

But my employer? Well my most recent came into the world looking for a warm hug and some milk, right now he would like both..I don't think any number of degrees could let him know how good I am at both!

Giving the kids what I never had

June 7th, 2006 at 08:02 am

I used to just buy what looked cool, but now I look at the toys/books I get for my kids as investments. I want to be able to read the same books, and play with the same toys, with all of them, and better still with my grandkids. Many times I realize that I don't need to get them a toy or book, they have plenty!

I have several DR seuss books from when I was a kid, classics that I love to re-read. We also have some from when PapPap was a kid (recently retired if that gives you an idea on the age of the books)

I love those old battered well loved books more than a thousand newfangled fashionable ones! (not that we have no new books....we love books!)

I have the set of books I taught kindergarten to read with, I used them to teach GMC to read, and am currently using them to teach JC. I have my old prealgebra book, and several of my readers from when I was a kid, including one that was my mothers in third grade. Why spend a thousand on new programs to teach reading or math when I have a perfectly good books right here, with sentimantal value to boot! Not to mention the childcraft books covering so much history and science, plus a dictionary covering lots of etimology. (all from my childhood)

I have a set of shapes I used as a kid, a set of 'self checking books' and a tupperware tea party set. A collection of legos and a collection of small figures (callded manipulatives in education books) All with sentimental value, plus great educational toys. I also have a couple stuffed animals, dolls, a cradle, and a doll bed.

Could you imagine the riches in my house comapered to any third world country? I am rich in things as well as love, My kids don't need more toys, they need more chances to see the world.

That is what I want to give my kids, not the toys I never had (I still have plenty!) but the chance to see the world, that was beyond my youth, and that is what I want to save for my kids now. No game boys or fad figures for us. Just lots of simple fun toys, and some saving for a trip or 20.

(BTW my parents did a great job not only supplying my needs but also finding so many great toys that have lasted, course that means they now have not much to buy the kids...sorry!)

cool pool...make that 'cold!'

June 6th, 2006 at 05:47 am

It was freezing! and whats worse their was wind, not a 'refreshing breeze' a 'chill to the bone wind!'

It was still fun, the kids didn't seem to mind near as much as I did, but I took DD home early, she has no fat to keep her warm and little muscles to use.....

I complain about the pool rules and the cost of the HOA, but I really do like have the opportunity to let the kids swim so often, if I had to drive I would worry about hte cost of gas, but as it is we walk.

We also often pack dinner, and half the time it is cheaper than if I had cooked at home (cheap meals..tuna, pb, ect) about 1/4 the time it is a splurge (pizza ordered) and the other 1/4 it is the same cost as home (chicken patties..) I figure it really averages out, and if I wanted to I could make more cheap, less splurge and have fun while saving on the food bill!

Finally have an automatic savings!

June 5th, 2006 at 11:25 am

We talked about it....we thought about...we planned it...we forgot about it...we talked about it...we debated about it...we asked about it....we put it off...we we decided oin it....we forgot about it....we talked about it...

That cycle repeated itself with minor variation for oh like a year!

Well we finally did it. Every month a small amount (and I do mean small) comes out of our checking automatically into our ING account..I am so proud of my minor accomplishment!

The 'good' china

June 2nd, 2006 at 11:31 am

It used to to be a thing about special occassions, you got out the good china. I have fond memories of cleaning up Grandmas china for Thanksgiving (christmas was to many people we got paper disposable) And of my mother using her good setting on rare occassions...I thought it was way cool to be special enough for 'the good china'.

Now I have a kids, plastic reigns supreme! (washable, can't stumache the cost of disposable) But I still have my own version of 'the good....' for guests. We are offering chili for early guests tonight, and we got cans of beans (cause I am hit or miss with dried, didn't want to make guests suffer if I missed!) We are having ice cream and we got caramel and hot fudge sauce and magic shell (you paid how much for a brown concotion of stuff to harden on icecream...the way REAL fudge sauce is supposed to?)

So while I may still stick with plastic bowls company or no, I will offer my version of 'rolling out the red carpet' for the guests...real junk food Smile.


June 1st, 2006 at 07:16 am

Well not yet, DH's is on Monday..but I never go out, so I should have figured out what I wanted to get him and done it loooong ago, so that it would be shipped in time..

But the thing is I can't figure out what he wants!

I know he is into some miniature game, but I wouldn't know which dude to get him..Or which colors to get paint...and besides it is now to late for mailing..

I know he needs jeans, but I can't buy them, I do know what he wears, but...last pair he bought was eons ago, things may have changed.

He would love some one on one time, but with three kids one who is nursing I can't finangle that... (time or energy)

So I have 4 days to come up with something good..and no way to get to a store...any suggestions?