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Oh but I want too.....

June 27th, 2006 at 09:46 pm

I really really want to diss my MIL...

For the week we canceled bibleschool so that we would be here to see them....

Day one it rained...and we managed fine, we had a contingency plan and we got a phone call earlyish telling us that the day was rained out, plus there was a baseball game from the other cousin. No big, we had to go to the store anyway.

Day two: "if we come before 12:30 we willlook for you at the pool" This leaves me with the expectation of an early afternoon visit.
-At 12:30 I wasn't supprised they weren't here, they were afterall only saying 'if' -at 1:30 I was happy UE wasn't napping anyway, so I wasn't really ready.
-at 2:30 I thought i shouldn't make pizza I will be flouring up the kitchen and in the way.
-at 330 I thought I should have made pizza...and gone to the pool.
-at 430 I thought I shouldn't vent at DH he doesn't need to hear it.....
-at 5:30 (after dinner was cleaned up) I decided to come vent online Smile.

In prep for them comming:
-I had the kitchen cleaner and clearer of 'stuff' (even moved the chairs out) so they had nothing to move when they put the bench stuff in, ...
-I kept the kids toys to a minimum so they would be easy clean up (good as my kids can be at clean up it all goes out the window when we have company)
-I carefully ran an extra load of laundry so that my kids were wearing clothes that grandma brought for them (dressed them that way yesterday too..)
-I cooked grilled cheese, I can make extra if they do come and no leftovers if they don't...not to mention the nbo pizza so I am not flouring up the kidtchen.
-I left the air on, albeit at 80 not the 75 we will turn it down to if they ever come, but still.

I did all that for nothing...Now I know things come up, and yesterday I might not like it, but no big, it is hard on vacation, and today it shouldn't be that big of a deal...I am only annoyed at wasted effort, cause I am lazy, and effort is well effort Smile.

I keep saying 'things come up' over and over to you think it will work? Will I stop being annoyed anytime soon?

Actually yes, after putting it all down here for the world to see I do feel better..for now....'Course I will feel like a heel if they ever see this!

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