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A most memorable Christmas

December 1st, 2006 at 01:09 am

Generally I have a terrible memory, but last Christmas was the most memorable present wise.

I recieved rosepetals from my husband..some other stuff too, but I only remember the rosepetals....

The sheets and napkins I asked for from the ILs...and a way cool breadbasket with warming stone from my brother in law.

On the one hand that is a very materialistic post, but I thought of it because I try to get gifts that are useful, fun, and not junk...remembering the gifts a year later, and hopefully more is a goal of mine when I give. I want to give presents that will be remembered and loved. and bring a smile the day of unwrapping. Trouble is I am not to good at it! But I guess having a goal to aim for is better than nothing.

(On a non-materialistic note my strongest memory is my son opening his game, and playing it, for hours....we aim to make time for the kids to play with the rush to open the next one, I don't care if it takes all year.)

the christmas picture we will use

November 30th, 2006 at 06:31 pm

We made it, the kids picked colors and directed, I did the flash work. Nothing fancy..think ugly ashtray Smile but I figured if I can't get the stickie paper to print at least I can post it for everyone to enjoy. (so long as you like ugly ashtrays by well meaning kids)

Merry Christmas!


November 30th, 2006 at 05:40 pm

This year I have lots of things bought, some made, and tons more to do...I don't seem to be getting things 'wrapped up' I seem to have lots of ideas, but not the stuff done!

I decided today to try and make a window stickie with the printable papers we have, a nativity scene..because I want one, and I thought the moms would like one too.

I also talked to my husband about not getting me anything other than a stocking...I honestly do want a curtain rod, but if I gave him permission for a presant he would get one cool one and the curtain rod. (Mom is making the curtain)

I sent the aformentioned mom off on a quest to buy the stuff for his stocking...weird as it may be, I cannot buy online, I never got around to registering my checkcard, and the only time I think of it is when I want something for my husband, I need his help (his is the other name on the account) so to do it I would have to let him know I am buying something! Ah well, Mom is always glad to fill in (I do have a CC I can use in case of emergency)

Mostly what I need is time, time to make the stickie, time to help DS with his gift projects, time to work on my gift projects! Oh and time to bake, clean, wrape, decorate, make christmas cards, ect...sheesh!

I'm back! (again)

November 28th, 2006 at 06:47 pm

Didn't we just do this?

Well we are back, the washer has not stopped since we made it in, well ok, we got in at 2am, I didn't start laundry till 9am (was sleeping Smile.)

I discovered I am a health honestly I do not think I am, but apparently others do.

We do eat whole wheat over white as often as possible, we do eat a fruit or veggie with almost every meal, (or as a snack over half the time), and we do drink ostly water or milk. But we also eat chocolate, chips and ice cream...

One day was spent at a museam. The kids loved it, GMC got to dig up a fossil. I think it was buiried plastar casts of fossils, but the concept was the same, he chiseled out and brushed away for almost an hour...Mommy lost interest much sooner! oddly enough the main Dino exhibit was closed, and so was the gem exhibit! The two main interests of my children. But the hissing cockroach and hyroglyphic stamps seemed to make up for it. The cost wasn't free, but the trip was worth it.

I again heard the 'wish I could stay home' from someone who makes the same as my husband, with a spouse making the same, and NO kids! sigh, really I wonder just what we are doing so wrong...or right, depending on how you look at it.

The trip cost no vacation time because my husband was working longer days, bit of a pain to miss him, but I think getting to see more of the extended family was worth it.

Health or beauty?

November 22nd, 2006 at 03:22 pm

So the whole thread online got me thinking,

Do I drink water to be healthy, or for my prettier skin??

Do I eat whole wheat for heart health, or beauty?

Do I eat bananas for health or to avoid the white flaked nails?

Do I eat yogurt for the digestive aids, or the skin?

Do I eat fresh fruit and vegetables for health or vainity?

Do I try to workout for a strong heart, or trim figure?

Do I stretch to relieve tension or to keep from being a hunchback?

Do I wash up to stay healthy or sanitary, or to stay attractive?

Do I wear sunscreen for skin cancer or to keep my color, lessen new freckles?

Did I stop smoking to keep my kids safe, or skip the wrinkles?

Did I cut back on alchol for the kids or to keep my skin softer?

Maybe I do put a rather high price on beauty... I can't think of one healthy habit (and there is more not on that list) I have taken up that has NOT resulted in better looks.

Not that I am a top model or anything, just that I look better and feel better today than I did 6 years ago when I decided to 'grow up' and eat/act like I wanted to be around for eons to come (and eventually great grandchildren)

Well now I want one!

November 21st, 2006 at 09:45 pm

I recieved an email about a nifty cool new Widget today. Seeing as how I am not going anywhere, I actually read it. The gadget is shiny, it does all sorts of tricks,and folds up into a little pouch! It even comes in cool customizable covers! Now that I know all about it, I want one Smile

Which is the thing about advertising, rarely do we wander out hunting for a widget without having heard how wonderful the widget is, and of course how it will make our lives easier, or save us money, the big huge pull (if we are all saving so much using there products how come we are still in debt?) Very few go in search of a widget without knowing if one exists. should such a rarity occur, we would invent it, make a nifty infomercial, and try to convince everyone else they need it!

And that is the prime reason I do NOT like TV, radio, and exploring the internet for the latest gadget, it only makes me want something, the last thing a girl with no willpower needs is a new want!

(now about that widget...I may put it on my christmas wish list Smile.)

going to PA....

November 21st, 2006 at 01:14 pm

It is official, Thanksgiving will be in PA, which means I have to pack...and plan...and debate on what to do with the kids, and who all we get to see.

I am seriously considering renting a hotel 'conference room' or something to do a brunch with the one side of the family so we actually get to see them.....I hate using the ILS house, they have enough trouble with us taking up so much room and trouble without having to plan for unknown company. And I hate restaurants, one year olds cannot roam in them (much less the 3 and 4.5 year olds) most houses are either in a totally non central location, or very small/not baby proofed.

Christmas wish list

November 18th, 2006 at 07:12 am

I know many people think making a list is somehow rude. But I was raised to ask for two things every christmas..not a huge list, I had to think about what two things I wanted, and if I asked early I kept them in mind...and I never wanted to waste a request.

I still hold my mother to that rule, I still ask for something for every christmas and birthday, and I love getting what I asked for. (insulating curtains for my bedroom this year)

Last year I tried it out on my ILs, it was by far the greatest Christmas I have ever had with them. I still use the gifts (every other week for the sheets and daily for the napkins) When I get them I smile thinking how my MIL managed to get me a greenish sheet set that is wonderful.

But deciding to make a wish list is harder than actually doing it! The trick is to pick something that you want, and that you will use and remember, and not out of anyones price range...not that I ever know the price range availible.... And one with room for them to personalize...pointing out the EXACT gift is ok sometimes, but many times people want to make some choice regarding the gift. Preferably something the giver will be happy to give (no asking the teetollar for wine)

When I make my list I start with things that are practical..honestly I leave the impractical flowers and perfume up to my husband, I find impractical is fleeting, and not something worth asking for (not to mention it is best a suprise).

To figure out I really want, I try to make a list of 4 or so early on, then I try to remeber it a week or month later, anything I am struggling to remember can wait. I redo the list thruout the year till it comes time to ask. Remember I only get to chose one, so that one has to push out all the others!

To leave room for personalization I try to stick with things that don't requre much work/research on my part..oh wait that is me being lazy. But it still works out, I asked for napkins, i have a boring kitchen, and am a simple girl, anything simple would be fine. and I didn't have to shop for them, the best part to me!

Keeping the gift to what they are willing to give is easy for me, I buy my own wine...

Now to make my list this year.

For the kids, a computer game each older kid....(exact game to be specified)
clothing ideas for each (dress vest for GMC, not sure on the other two yet)

For my husband, a dremml, my father in law loves tools and would love to get him one to replace the one that failed.

for me.......errr time?

Time for what I want

November 18th, 2006 at 04:08 am

I mostly do what I want, but I don't seem to have time for all I want..maybe I want to much. If it were money I would say really you can't have it all...and if you did, you wouldn't appriciate it.

in the morning I want to make 'real' breakfast and eat it with the kids, I want to

Text is figure out the day with them and Link is
figure out the day with them I want to keep the bathroom clean (though flylady's idea of 2 minutes is a far cry form a bathroom with 5, one of whom is a boy who still has lousy aim! but still 15 minutes usually suffices)

I want a made bed (or 4) I want clean floors and clean dishes, and clean laundry.

I also want to do crafts and
Text is games and Link is

I want to read with them, I want to read to them. I want to play on the computer with them.

I want to bake, and cook a healthy dinner (lunch was leftovers, I have my limits ont he amoutn of cooking I want to do Smile.)

I want to take walks with them and I want to play more games with them.

I fit all those wants in, yet I still complain about wanting to do more..really every day is pretty full. but so long as I can squeeze out my 'complaining' time, I can fit an awful lot of wants in my I shou;d stop complaining and go study flash Smile

speaking of flash, I found a boook, and I made a button that works Smile

No I don't text....

November 15th, 2006 at 05:39 pm

I don't have unlimited text.

I have never had the patience to type in using my phne keybad anyway, and if I have long enough to do that, I have long enough to make a quick call....

I did discover that I can ignore texts and then I don't pay for them, so don't bother texting I wont even read it Smile

The thing about information...

November 14th, 2006 at 06:28 pm

You have to be able to retrieve it...if anyone is to find a website of information useful it has to be searchable and organized, even if the main headings are just simple enough to search by hand, there has to be some way to find what you are looking for. And it has to be in a format you are most confortable with.

Like shopping, many people find that online shopping is easier..I don't, I hate most of the search engines, though I have been able to adapt to some.

Or take investing, I cannot for the life of me get into investing information, I am sure many of the good websites people recomend are great, and maybe even have good search abilities, but I have no basis for starting, for understanding you have to start somewhere....

That is the problem with

Text is and Link is, aside from dumping some cool printables I am trying to answer the questions people ask me. I am by no means an expert in education, I do know a good deal, I have a good bit of experience, and I have a natural talent, while this still leaves me gropping around to find lots of answers, I have already answered others, and I am lazy....I don't want to keep doing it Smile.

So, why can't I organize my site nicely, and why can't I find a common ground for all the questions......dunno, guess organizing information is not my talent...

ditch the Credit card

November 13th, 2006 at 06:57 pm

We got yet another mailfrom one of our many credit cards. I asked my husband if maybe we couldn't cancel it. I think it is wise to keep a couple, and wise to not cancel right before we buy a house or car or other major purchase, and wise to keep the oldest. and the one with lowest interest. But right now my bedside table has a dozen never activated cards in it! (several duplicate companies)

Seriously we have too many. SO I got my husband to agree, as soon as I pester him to call he has agreed to do so, but first we will tell them they could try to lower the rate to keep us if they really want to Smile.

I worked! and got paid!

November 12th, 2006 at 07:28 pm

A friend called me and asked if I would be willing to work at the Renaissance Festaval yesterday. I happen to have a piratish I wore it for pirate weekend and they paid me! OK actually they paid me to sell swords, but I had to be in costume all day to do it.

I got to play with swords all day, and they paid me to do it! very cool Smile

'Course the money they gave me will finance our trip as a family next Saturday Smile.

A comprimise of sorts

November 9th, 2006 at 07:06 pm

I make it my goal to deal with less each year, so last year my goal was to get us used to a house at 65, this year the goal was to go lower. First I went down 2 degrees, I always go two at a time, that way you can go back up one and still have progress.

Then when Dh started to complain, something he never does with my changes (he just goes back up one degree)I though maybe getting the house to 60 was a bit far, but I still hate wandering around in winter with less than a sweater (what a waste of sweaters if you never wear them!)

I hit upon a better idea, I told DH to get us a programable thermostat, we could keep it at 60 at night, and 65 in the day. He said to turn it down manualy. Err how low tech can you get!

But the upshot of it is, I turned it down all the way to 60 a couple nights ago, and there it stayed! Because the wonderful carolinian weather cupled with window coverings (opening on sunside) means my house has not gone under 65 in the daytime yet. Pretty nice comprimise Smile

So glad your life is normal

November 8th, 2006 at 02:40 am

err, normal! I was accused of having anormal life?

"....everyone else has so much drama in their life...."

Drama? you want drama I can find you drama!

I can find you drama, but who wants to go looking for it! I guess I will stick with my boring life, after all I just

Text is teach all day, how boring. and Link is
teach all day, how boring.

I'm back!

November 6th, 2006 at 06:34 pm

Did'ja miss me?

first day back and we got our first check from the new income for one week..almost the same as our former 2 week check!

we know it isn't an enourmous amount of cash and we have responsible things to do with it, but man it is hard to resist that giddy 'we are rich' feeling!

The check included some overtime so we can't base the budget on it fully but we have some preliminary plans...

1. 50 a week to church (my request)
2. extra gallon of milk each week
3. 500 a month for health 'stuff' (mini insurance plus a saving to cover anything else)
4. second phone, as I type Dh is on his way to the store without a full list, so he will have to go back (for medicine for UE) a second phone prolly wont save me the whole cost, but it will be a very nice 30$ spent each month.

Other than that we have to see just how much there is each month, more relaxing on the food bill, and definatly upping the auto ING deposit, but not to sure by how much.