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The thing about information...

November 14th, 2006 at 06:28 pm

You have to be able to retrieve it...if anyone is to find a website of information useful it has to be searchable and organized, even if the main headings are just simple enough to search by hand, there has to be some way to find what you are looking for. And it has to be in a format you are most confortable with.

Like shopping, many people find that online shopping is easier..I don't, I hate most of the search engines, though I have been able to adapt to some.

Or take investing, I cannot for the life of me get into investing information, I am sure many of the good websites people recomend are great, and maybe even have good search abilities, but I have no basis for starting, for understanding you have to start somewhere....

That is the problem with

Text is and Link is, aside from dumping some cool printables I am trying to answer the questions people ask me. I am by no means an expert in education, I do know a good deal, I have a good bit of experience, and I have a natural talent, while this still leaves me gropping around to find lots of answers, I have already answered others, and I am lazy....I don't want to keep doing it Smile.

So, why can't I organize my site nicely, and why can't I find a common ground for all the questions......dunno, guess organizing information is not my talent...

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