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BSA vs GSUSA...and no baby yet

May 30th, 2008 at 04:43 pm

Before my son joined the scouts all i knew about BSA could fit on the head of a pin...namely they wore uniforms and raced wooden cars. I can now tell you way more, more than I really need to know!

For one thing, the 'cubs' and 'boys' are very distinctly different. Cubs are organized into age based 'dens'. Which are then grouped into packs, usually tied to an organization (or sponsor). The Den is run my a leader, the pack by a committee (which is headed by a chairperson)

For our pack that Committee chair is me...meaning I do a LOT of work. I oversee the leaders of the dens, I oversee pack events, work with the treasurer and newsletter editor, field trip coordinator, advancement chair, as well as filling the new Cubmaster in on everything he needs to be a proper PR guy. Among other details that I often let slip (cause one gal can only do so much...)

SO when I agreed to lead the Daisys for my daughter I did not want all that responsibility... I just wanted to be a leader of the Daisys...plan meetings, report to the 'boss', occasional input for big events...

Little did I know GSUSA is totally different, each age based group is like its own again I am in charge of everything..treasury secretary, field trips, and so on.

So much for the easy job!

And yes I am still pregnant Smile 39 weeks tomorrow.

painless indeed

May 27th, 2008 at 04:23 pm

Braxton Hicks contractions are the so called 'painless preparation' for real labor. Well let me tell you painless is a misnomer.

Sure with my first kid they were painless, and rather pleasant. Kinda a neat feeling.

With the second and third kid occassional the contractions were uncomfortable but compared to real labor nothing to worry about. Maybe take a moment to not walk, but thats it.

Now this time around...they are VERY painful. Ok fine not enough pain to go into labor, but painful nonetheless.

It just goes to show, you really can't assume you know anything about anything until you have truly gone thru it. and being pregnant once doesn't count as knowing all there is to know about pregnancy! (nor is 4 times enough)

Under orders to 'rest'

May 26th, 2008 at 06:03 pm

I am now more anemic, and have real swelling. Not the barely there, hardly noticeable kind-more like 'WOW your feet are HUGE!", and yes I had my BP checked, still in the 120s...

So I am under orders to 'rest'...not exactly sure how, but I am trying. after spending most of my adult life trying not to succumb to the lazy do nothing instinct, I am now trying to go back to it..and finding it is harder than I thought.

Yesterday I spent most of the day after church napping or laying on the couch, and today I woke up with almost normal feet! yeah! Of course today my husband had to go to work, so doing nothing is a bit harder...not to mention not fun on my back.

oh well, if it helps it is worth it. now to get off the computer, this kind of sitting isn't good for my feet.

GMC wants to pay for baby.

May 22nd, 2008 at 05:01 pm

Yesterday GMC was so cute in the car! He was talking about money..his sister asked to go out to eat and we asked if she was paying, so they discussed how much money they had.

GMC mentioned he has a lot in his long term savings (well a lot to a 6 year old) and we asked him if he remembered what it was for. "big stuff". which is kinda right.

We mentioned we have a long term savings for big stuff too, and that some of it would be going toward paying for this baby's birth. He chimed in with "I want to use some of my long term savings to help pay for the baby too". We both thought it was sooo adorable, but we told him we could prolly manage on our own. Though we really appreciated it!

GMC wants to pay for baby.

May 22nd, 2008 at 04:59 pm

Yesterday GMC was so cute in the car! He was talking about money..his sister asked to go out to eat and we asked if she was paying, so they discussed how much money they had.

GMC mentioned he has a lot in his long term savings (well a lot to a 6 year old) and we asked him if he remembered what it was for. "big stuff". which is kinda right.

We mentioned we have a long term savings for big stuff too, and that some of it would be going toward paying for this baby's birth. He chimed in with "I want to use some of my long term savings to help pay for the baby too". We both thought it was sooo adorable, but we told him we could prolly manage on our own. Though we really appreciated it!

Dentist visit

May 21st, 2008 at 06:48 pm

Apparently those wisdom teeth he wanted out 3 years ago are getting worse. But out of pocket cleanings and routine care is one thing, out of pocket extraction in Charlotte is another.

The main problem is that no one wants to do a simple numb and pull. You have to have 'painless' dental care here. some sort of spa treatment to go with the extraction which of course isn't cheap.

Don't get me wrong, I don't enjoy pain, but I really see no reason why pulling a tooth can't be a simple numb and yank. sure it hurts, but so does delivering a baby. Once done a short recovery and problem solved. (and at this point I am MORE than ready to go into labor..except I am busy. Relatives coming from out of town and all)

towels for 8 years

May 20th, 2008 at 05:00 pm

I woke up at 3 am wondered out and discovered not only did my husband do laundry, he also folded it. And there was a strange feel to the towel in the basket, it sat too high and felt too soft.

Turns out my husband bought and washed up new towels, because the 8th anniversary is 'linens'. I think it is soo cute he looks these things up!

I also find the towels a much more practical gift than typical anniversary presents!

Now I can't wait to take a shower tonight Smile (though I still am not sure the towel will cover this huge belly!)

When do I get to take off work?

May 19th, 2008 at 05:31 pm

I was watching a show at 4am this morning about pregnancy (unfortunatly I just couldn't sleep) and they mentioned they typical 'medical leave' time for pregnant women. between 36 and 39 weeks many women get medical leave to take off work.

So when do I get to take off work? Smile mostly kidding, I get to put myself on 'light duty' anytime I want.

But it did bring up a question..don't those women get bored waiting for their first kid? Not that there is nothing to do, just that the weeks before birth the last thing I want is time to wish the kid would hurry wont in all likely hood, and mom is left answering all sorts of 'yes I ams till pregnant' questions. Amazingly enough family who hasn't called in months suddenly has to call at week 40, just in case you forgot to tell them you had the kid.

If you have an older kid at least they distract you from the wonder. And now that I have three, plus more commitments, I really don't have time to wish the kid would hurry up..except at 4am when I can't sleep Smile.

odd thoughts about a home birth

May 16th, 2008 at 04:34 pm

Looking at my upcoming delivery, I realized a few things will be different. More than just the relaxed atmosphere and not having to wake my older kids up.

This is not a medical discussion, just all the non medical points. Medically I live very close to a hospital, and I will be attended by a midwife with medical experience.

1. No 'free' diapers. All three kids came with several packs of the newborn diapers, plus wipes and diaper rash cream. (also no free feminine supplies.)

2. No 'free' diaper bag. Formula companies around here always give diaper bags (with of course ice packs for storing breast milk) and lots of advertisement for formula (beside the scientific info on breast milk)

3. No 'free' clothing or blankets or hats. We will have to supply even the first blanket.

4. No packing..I don't have to pack a bag with toys for older kids, clothes for me, clothes for baby (with a backup in case it is a different gender than expected) No packing a car seat blankets, food for Dad (or mom) and kids...

5. No hospital food (and consequently no cost of running to a nearby restaurant to find decent food)

6. No noisy beds! My last two births I had a room with a noisy bed..honestly I thought it was possessed, soon as you start to drift off the bed would 'puff'. Supposed to be some sort of automatic adjustment to make it more comfortable, I would have preferred less comfort more silence!

7. Instant computer access! I can send my own announcement email! Not to mention I can have a computer to occupy myself should I get bored..which I doubt since I will not have to send my family away.

All in all I am looking forward to this home birth..mainly for the decent food and internet I will have availible Smile

Looking to my future?

May 15th, 2008 at 03:58 pm

I read the headline

Text is 10 year old in college and Link is
10 year old in college

and wondered if that would be the future of my oldest. This morning he finished his math in record time and I passed the sheet to daddy to check...because I didn't know the answers right off the bat, and would rather work with my youngest (I know all his answers!)

First off the fact that daddy was still home meant record time of completion. Second..the question ran something like this:

"There are 36 pupils in a class. 2/3 are girls. Of the girls 1/4 wear glasses. How many girls wear glasses?"

The total writing on the page? One lousy number. (the correct answer)

Course he did have trouble because he confused area with perimeter for the next problem. but we got that straightened out. By saying "perimeter...dude, what is perimeter again?" to which he said "oh..the side is 16M"..not needing to redo any math, just knew it.

The problem was along the lines of telling you the sides of a rectangle, and saying the square had the same perimeter. wanting you to figure out the length of a side. I don't recall the numbers though.

He regularly gives the answer while I am still working out the process. In some ways this is good, in others it means if he doesn't "crunch the numbers" automatically he can't find the answer. Most of the time it means mommy has to sit there and work out the problem myself where he can't see just in case he is wrong, which he rarely is). And I am considered good at math!

But after reading the full article I would say my kid prolly wont be in college anytime soon. He is a math brain, but the rest of him is pretty normal. (well normal for a homeschooler)

free training?

May 14th, 2008 at 03:40 pm

What a switch, I just signed my daughter up for girl scouting, she doesn't start till fall but they wanted her to preregister.

And the training is free! I signed up to be her leader (that is the deal, DH does the boy scouts, I do the girl how come I am doing both boy and girl?)

Anyway. Free training is a refreshing change!

A mothers day to remember

May 12th, 2008 at 03:49 pm

Oddly enough, even though I was still too sick to go to church (partly because I just didn't want to share the germs) I had a wonderful mothers day.

My husband took all three kids to church. And recieved several compliments from folk who didn't know us on how wonderful a father he was. I take certain pride in knowing I have such an amazing husband Smile.

They made me cards to bring home, and the day before at the store my husband bought me ice cream.

Plus he offered to go pick up dinner, a huge bonus while I am still recovering.

And I was healthy enough to sleep! I sleep while they were at church, I slept after they got home, I slept in the evening and every time I woke up I was able to go back to sleep!

I actually woke up this morning for no other reason than the sun was shining and I wasn't tired enough to sleep...Though I do plan on a nap now Smile.

posters posters all we see are posters

May 10th, 2008 at 04:09 pm

For the scouts GMC has to make a poster to earn his communications belt loop. and one to earn the 'leave no trace' award. and one to earn the citizen belt loop...

I don't like making posters, or didn't. I helped GMC and JC make one each the other day, and it wasn't so bad..mostly because they are cute, and they don't have to put quite so much information down, so long as something is learned, I am happy.

GMC did one on Dinosaurs, but really it turned into T-Rex. He drew a T-rex, and traced an actual size T-rex tooth. Plus he wrote what era they are from (cretaceous). I was thinking he needed more, but then I hit on the idea of cutting the poster board in half. That way he could fill the space with his pictures and all.

I did the same thing for JC..she did hers on princesses. She drew an adorable princess, plus wrote out what makes a legal princess. and made a 'princess fan'. Not bad for a little girl.

So I felt a bit frugal about the whole poster I might try to do the next poster on the back of the first. is that cheap or frugal?

Stimulus is in

May 9th, 2008 at 04:48 pm

While I don't agree the package was a good idea, I am certainly not one to turn away money.

So I received it, and sent some off to the midwife, used some to replenish depleted stores from the Dr visit and all..and the rest? Just sitting there. Might even be a full 2 months EF now!

antibiotics for URI

May 8th, 2008 at 04:01 pm

I have some, I apparently have a URI, so now I have antibiotics. I really want them to work fast, this whole waiting for them to take effect is not cool. You know normally...non pregnant, you go to the dr and get a script for some 'feel good medicine' in addition to the antibiotics, or at least a recommendation for OTC feel good stuff. But apparently pregnant folk don't get that Frown.

Oh well at least I know in a few days I aught to be better from the meds.

PS: BP is 110 over 70, fairly normal for me, and the infection is NOT in the lungs, it is higher than that.

So glad I homeschool

May 7th, 2008 at 04:16 pm

If I had to deal with homework on top of the sickness I don't think I could if I were counting on an income right now we would be financially screwed!

As it is, we are doing less 'learning work' than normal, but considering all three are well advanced, less is not behind. We are also doing more silly games and quite frankly kids need more time to be 'bored' so they can use their imaginations to fill it. I don't think I leave them enough of that normally.

Course on the other hand if I were a paid to work mom with kids in day care/school, I would be getting rid of three kids and alone all day...might mean for more rest!

Though really I am lucky in spite of all my complaints I generally can take a nap every day that I want. The youngest sleeps still and the older two know that nap time is Mommy's alone time sortof.

Sweetest man in the world

May 6th, 2008 at 03:53 pm

When my husband got home last night he found nothing done, and me coughing up a storm and complaining that I had a headache..and the only meds in the house were not approved for pregnant folk.

So he practically spun on his heels and headed for the door. brought back two different kinds of medicine (one pill one liquid, I don't swallow pills well) plus some cough drops, plus dinner.

Yeah the months wasted spending due to this sickness is up to 100, well over planned, but...only one more month (ish) to go. 36 weeks on Sunday. I have got to get rid of this coughing before the baby comes, there is no way I can go thru labor like this.

I caved and turned on the how come I still wheeze?

May 5th, 2008 at 04:34 pm

Every night at 3am-ish I wake up wheezing..most irritating.

Generally I can make it go away by drinking a glass of lemon water (strong on the lemon) I have no idea why it works, maybe just the sitting up and drinking, I dunno.

Anyway yesterday I decided to try and get more sleep I would turn on the air, it isn't that hot, I just thought filtering the air would be good for me. No such luck, still woke up at 3 am, though my nose is less congested. Not sure if that is related or not.

I will give it a couple days, and if it doesn't get better we will go back to open windows.

So one more thing we are wasting money on during this pregnancy Frown.

Why am I the sick one?

May 3rd, 2008 at 07:08 pm

I am old school when it comes to food, I follow the old 4 food groups (in my defense it is what I was taught first before the fancy pyramids)

So every meal has to have a fruit or a veggie, a grain and a protien (with some milk somewhere, but you really don't need that much milk, you need calcium)

This means dinner generally has a bag of veggies each. (5 servings in the bag, though there is nearly always some left for husbands lunch).

I tend to load the plates with equal parts whole grain and veggie and a lesser portion of protien.

I have heard that a kids meal is an adult portion of food, but a kids meal would only keep my girl happy. (My 6 yo son eats more) size wise a kids meal is about what the kids eat husband and I eat more. both boys generally want seconds. (of course if I put more on the plate in the first place they wouldn't finish!)

All three kids are very healthy, we have had 4 sick visits in the 6 years, two ear infections, one kid with allergies, and one recent case of strep throat (which EVERYONE we knew had). They grow right, learn right, and look great. Slightly pron to 'the snots' but then they all seem to have allergies, snots are seasonal, and related to my level of breathing (if I can't breath they have 'the snots'-the little one no longer has trouble breathing, he just has 'the snots')

Broken down by kid:
GMC - 1 ear infection, one strep
JC - 2 ear infections one strep
UE - allergies reaction two years ago.
DH = bronchitis twice

If they are so healthy, why am I so sick? In reality I enjoyed a long time of similar level of health, a yearly cold and the allergy issue along with my son two years ago.

Until this year. This year I seem to be run down or sick 90% of the time. True I am pregnant, but it's not like I haven't been pregnant before. I wasn't sick a day during my oldest pregnancy (I had some pregnancy symptoms, but nothing major) The worst I had during my younger two pregnancies was a cold.

This time around, I had 'real morning sickness' not just all the nausea, but plenty of puking. I have all the old symptoms (excema on the hands, general fatigue, pain, etc, normal simple issues), and I am having real burning cravings (sent my husband out at 11pm for cashews, never did that before). Plus my current allergy induced issue, plus I am anemic for the first time ever. Plus adding iron like crazy to fix it seems to have messed up my intestines. Plus the 'slight congestion' of earlier pregnancies is MAJOR congestion. (and has been even before allergy season) Plus the 'slight shortness of breath' from previous pregnancies is more like 'can't walk across room without being out of breath'. (I seriously have answered the phone multiple times and had people ask 'whats wrong?' All because I had to cross the room to get the phone)

So what am I doing wrong? Why am I so sick? How come they are the picture of health, while I am a tired, sore cranky, moody, breathless, swollen, coughing, tired, non-sleeping, sicko?

Hilary needs a new PR director..or ad agency, whatever

May 3rd, 2008 at 03:09 pm

First you have to understand I do not vote in primaries, I am not a democrat nor a republican. However I do see ads, and I have formed some useless opinions from them.

I have not researched either Obama nor Hilary. So these opinions are purely based on the TV ads with a small amount of Digg headlines thrown in. This is not meant as an endorsement for either of them..only for their ad team Smile.

Obama is apparently going to change things, all his ads (on my local stations) are ... "Change, we can change things"..which is a lovely thought since of course things suck. (grass is greener somewhere else)

Hilary on the other hand is telling jokes..not that I ever hear one, just that her ads are all her face and a bunch of laughing folk behind her.....

More recently they have branched out, Obama telling us a gas tax cut is a band-aid fix (I agree) and Hilary telling us how terrible it is Obama wont cut the tax.

Hilary of course ends with a joke (don't know what it was, but them folk are laughing again) Obama ends with 'change' (for Washington)

So based purely on the ads, I would vote Obama, if I were planning on voting in the primaries (but remember I am a libertarian, so wouldn't vote for either) Just thought I would let the Ad agencies know what there hard work was achieving here....

But then according to Boston Legal..primary votes don't matter..the delegates can vote any old way they choose....) I have got to get rid of this cold and find a better way to kill time while not sleeping....(wanna hear my thoughts on midnight chat line ads?)