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Dentist visit

May 21st, 2008 at 06:48 pm

Apparently those wisdom teeth he wanted out 3 years ago are getting worse. But out of pocket cleanings and routine care is one thing, out of pocket extraction in Charlotte is another.

The main problem is that no one wants to do a simple numb and pull. You have to have 'painless' dental care here. some sort of spa treatment to go with the extraction which of course isn't cheap.

Don't get me wrong, I don't enjoy pain, but I really see no reason why pulling a tooth can't be a simple numb and yank. sure it hurts, but so does delivering a baby. Once done a short recovery and problem solved. (and at this point I am MORE than ready to go into labor..except I am busy. Relatives coming from out of town and all)

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  1. kimiko Says:

    It's more serious than that, especially when it comes to wisdom teeth. The disclaimer that the dentist who extracted my tooth gave me mentioned that since the roots of the wisdom teeth are so close to the sinus wall, their removal may causes sinus complication. Also, depending on how the wisdom teeth grew, the gum may have to be cut open and bones removed to expose the teeth/root. There's also the problem with damaged wisdom teeth, since they can't be clean properly, resulting in sawing the teeth into pieces, sewing the gum back, hemorrhage, etc.... All that mean the removal of wisdom teeth could run into a lot of complications so oral surgeons don't want to take chances with just numbing. Heck, I had to sign an arbitration agreement just for a simple numb and pull.

    Although I'm sure if the dentists don't anticipate any problem with the extraction and you're firm on insisting on local anesthesia only, some might agree to it.

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