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The cost of piano/voice lessons

June 29th, 2009 at 05:28 pm

In the co-op there was discussion of offering piano and or voice lessons. I checked and GMC still wants piano (has been asking for a long time, either piano or violin or recorder)

And JC recently heard a teen girl sing opera and the Aladdin theme, JC was absolutely enthralled and wanted to learn how to sing that way.

Since I can't read music, nor sing beyond passable I figured they would have to get their lessons from someone else.

We are no longer doing the co-op, organizational issues, so I don't know if we can afford the piano or voice lessons.

Seems to be about $80 a month each. Which sounds like quite a lot.

The one dollar test

June 28th, 2009 at 10:18 pm

Today my husband came home with two different kinds of bread. One a dollar more a pack.

All because the kids want to know it is worth the dollar more.

I haven't yet compared nutrition in each (though both are whole wheat).

Should be interesting to see if the kids really compare and certainly hope the cheaper bread is good enough!

sourdough pizza

June 26th, 2009 at 07:30 pm

Well I have this sourdough starter and I was going ot make some bread, but decided to use it for pizza crust. It worked out pretty well.

only trouble was I had no toppings.

Some sauce at least, dr'd up a can o'tomato sauce.

I used cheddar cheese, cause that is what I had.

Then I topped it off with salmon, cause I had some.

The end result was rather good. Not top of the line but edible.

The dental dent

June 25th, 2009 at 06:35 pm

I just got back from the dentist, and Husband is planning his trip next week

While a cleaning makes for a big expense, having clean teeth in good shape (IE pain free) is worth it. I hope. (cleaning =1 hundred, root canal = 1 thousand, so I guess cleaning is cheaper)

Unfortunately the dentist said I really have to get the other two wisdom teeth out this year or I will be back in pain again. So we have to save up and do all the hassle of making appointments and the like. (UGH)

totally unrelated. We found piano and or voice lessons may be availible at the Co-op in the fall, for about 80 a month. JC has requested the voice lessons, and GMC has requested the piano. Not free (or even cheap) but... if they really like it, I don't mind, and I certainly can't teach them.

Pandora vs youtube

June 23rd, 2009 at 04:28 pm

Pandora is the best radio station!

But for hearing a specific song it sucks, or at least I haven't figured out the trick

youtube is where it is at for a song request. But it is a bit annoying to have to keep choosing songs.

In short depends what you need, but either way it is free Smile

my free 'itunes'

June 22nd, 2009 at 04:13 pm

Did you know tons of music is on

Text is youtube and Link is

I just discovered, from the co-op that you can find tons of classical music, and since my cousin was up, I peeked at newer stuff as well.

There is tons of songs. All sortable and searchable.

Though it doesn't quite reach the ease of having your own licensed songs, it sure is free.

This morning we have been listening to half a dozen Beethoven piano songs and a few concerts.

And every night this week I have been soothing L with a variety of favorites.

The everything book

June 17th, 2009 at 05:47 pm

My kids have a book we use to record/write/draw everything. It is part nature journal, part drawing notebook, part journal, part copywork, part scrapbook for other work.

And GMC has been using it for a 'encyclopedia' of fish, meaning drawing one or two fish per page with or without names, and using up the pages ultra fast. (BTW did you know a sole was a fish version of a chameleon? I didn't.)

So I am fast approaching decision time. Do I spend money for a book without lines (because most entries are scrapbook photos, or drawings) or do I let his next book come from the same stash of free lined bound notebooks.

Out of stuff, and getting creative

June 16th, 2009 at 05:15 pm

Since I don't drive, when we are out of stuff, I have to wait till husband can go to the store. And this week with VBS at night, he can't.

So we are out of bread. I have yeast proofing to make some right now.

We are out of grapes and bananas, and other fruits, so we have been eating frozen quite a bit, plus digging out the last of anything hidden in the cupboard.

I am actually glad we have to use up our stuff. It is cheaper, and makes me think, rather than grab the first easy item. Course it helps that our VBS offers dinner so I don't have to do that meal!

Busy and tired

June 15th, 2009 at 01:39 pm

Between VBS and GS and Co-op, this week is totally to busy.

And without time to shop, which in some ways is good.

Friday I had husband hurry home so I could mow the lawn, then it rained..but only for a short time so I dashed out and did it anyway (very hot here, lawn was half dry in 15 minutes.) Then soon as I was done and showered husband went to go watch the hockey game. (they won Smile.)

Saturday we were up early to go to the SC zoo (not sure it was worth a 2 hr drive) and then head back for a graduation party, which the kids were having so much fun at we let them stay late (not really the smartest thing, but oh so cute)

Sunday up early for church, help with snacks for fellowship, then CS meeting, while husband fixed friends internet, then set up for VBS dinner, then dash to store for gift (wait till you hear how I wrapped it!), then birthday party, then back to church for dinner and VBS. (all sorts of cohesion water science)

Today GMC is sleeping in (still), UE and JC are laying around doing nothing (I made them do the basic chores and rewarded them with a movie) and EL is clingy and nursing a ton more than usual.

I hope a lazy day will help refresh us, but I have to at least get the stuff ready for VBS tonight (popcorn and ice cream is the science of the day)

Oh yeah that gift, well we had no wrapping paper in the car, no cloth bags, not paper bags to decorate, nothing! Then I spied a white T-shirt that I had loaned the birthday girl when she was wet at my house for EL's birthday. So I put it on the box, perfect fit, but the top for the neck and bottom were I grabbed the overshorts that I loaned her too, and put it on the box! It was so cute! A doll gift of sorts!

And we wont miss the clothes.

So how goes the cloth diapering?

June 11th, 2009 at 05:05 pm

I am actually pretty surprised at how well we are doing with the cloth diapers.

We have our lazy moments, but in general I now have enough (there was a good sale from the lady selling) that I can over a day between washing. And in general we use them, most of the time.

Certain events, like the zoo trip we will be using disposable, I do not want to have to lug around a zoo dirty diapers! But for home or short trips cloth works great.

I did have to find some bloomers because EL can take off the velcro, but those were hand me downs. I have to think about the summer though, should use a cloth swimmer, but I have some leftover ones so we will use most of those up first.

My all time favorite find though is the 'wet bag' perfect for accidents as well as wet diapers, and I bought one for my mother for swimsuits when she travels.

Text is wet bags and Link is
wet bags

I still am addicted to paper wipes though.

Write it down!

June 10th, 2009 at 05:45 pm

So a typical day here involves many more questions than I have answers to. In general I try to file interesting ones away to google search, becuase if I am online I am not doing housework, which means I tend to avoid googling things till later on.

Anyway by the time I get L down for nap, lunch finished and maybe cleaned up, checked on emails and tried to sludge through some work for the scouts or CE or whatever, I have forgotten the interesting question. Not surprising as I have a terrible memory, but also not helpful.

So today I had a novel idea...I could write down the questions then when I have my hands free go google them with my kids. (usually GMC, U has to short an attention span and JC is more interested in drawing and making up stories)

I know this is an old idea, but for me, it just might be the beginning of a homeschool breakthrough! Sometimes the simple things escape me.

Which camp do you fall into?

June 9th, 2009 at 04:48 pm

reading this blog:

Text is crazy mom and Link is
crazy mom I realized I have friends in both camps

I used to say that there were two camps within homeschooling and I did not fit into either - these were the "Granola-Crunching Tye-Dye Brigade" and the "Bible-Toting Denim Jumper Brigade". I have absolutely no problems with either of these two 'camps', other than the fact that I did not 'fit' into either of them very well.

And I don't fit well into either, though I have traits of both. (bible yes, jumper no...Granola yes, tye dye no). Though I am willing to bet most folk have some traits of both groups. Homeschooling has cliques. You would think a comon goal of educating our children outside the system would be something to relate to.

But since there are about as many reasons to homeschool as their are homeschoolers we just don't all agree.

Don't get me wrong we can in general get along fine. We just have to search around for the right type of homeschooler to hang with, or at least the right kind for the right event.

Working on the co-op is an eye opener on just how different homeschoolers can be, and just how hard it can be to get them all to agree on anything!

And sometimes when you boil education down to the common denominator, you lose something. you lose what makes homeschooling so unique, the differences of folk doing the schooling!

Hulu is not cooperating today

June 8th, 2009 at 06:04 pm

I need a nap, EL is sick and was up half the night, the other half was spent precariously trying not to wake her up.

So today for bonus nap time I decided to let the kids watch a movie. Hulu happens to have Anastasia, and I don't think the kids have ever seen it, not a bad flick.

BUT Hulu is 'getting stuck' I have to keep stopping the movie so it will buffer. IS everyone home sick today watching hulu, or is my computer just lousy?

The secret to fresh fruit?

June 6th, 2009 at 02:14 pm

The other day a friend of mine commented that we always have tons of fresh fruit and she wondered what our secret was.

Truth is I don't have one, we spend more on groceries than anything else besides the house payment.

I know that Aldis has decent fruit but it needs to be eaten quickly and we only shop once a week (this is non negotiable, my husband hates driving and I don't)

Sometimes there are nice sales, coupons, and we tend to look for fruit that is in season. Plus we are willing to eat frozen, but other than that we just pay what we have to to get the fresh fruit.

A good day

June 2nd, 2009 at 06:47 pm

Today was a rather good day, we managed to get chores, and some education in with minimal fighting/fussing

The kids were cooperative so life was smooth and things were completed quickly. I love when that happens.

I also am amazed at how much can be accomplished when it does:
-kids rooms cleaned, beds made
-living room clean/vacuumed
-kitchen clean/vacuumed (no, not swept/mopped)
-dishes, laundry, breakfast, lunch
-math for the older three
-writing for all (yes L sat in my lap playing with a pencil, cute red scribbles Smile.)
-geography game for the older three
-bible story, verse, copywork
-Drew Monet's 'water lillies' from memory
-worked out on Wii fit (borrowed for week)
-All three played on wii, and some other free time.
-family tree by G, with some notes about Gma when she was his age.
-chapter of book on Braille
-L down for nap, and other had some quiet time.

Outside G is squirting the grill, which nearly instantly dries, it is rather fun to watch how fast the water evaporates. I asked him why and he said 'cause it is metal' which is kindof right. Though frugally it is a waste of water....I should tell him to squirt the plants.

Folks know we are weird

June 1st, 2009 at 04:40 pm

Saturday was the Cub scout crossover, the fellow in charge of burgers and buns brought traditional white buns for all...and a pack of whole wheat for us!

Unasked, he knew we were the 'health nuts' and he decided to do something about it! I was amazed and greatful!

Then the lady who made some sort of bean/veggie salad (I dunno what to call those) made it a point to tell me she used fresh veggies. I didn't have the heart to tell her I am the worst health food eater and don't eat tomatoes unless cooked and hot. But I really appreciated the attempt!

yesterday was ELs birthday party, we had the usual burgers and dogs, and several new guests were introduced to whole wheat burger and dog buns..I used to buy both, but finally decided to make my life easier, I would stick with what we ate, and have never had an adult guest not eat them. I think most folk would be surprised to learn how good whole wheat is.

I also had lots of fruit, which always disapears, and whole wheat ritz..though I doubt they are any healthier than regular, I find I like the taste of them better. Again all was eaten. Maybe if more folk bought, shared, and displayed healthy foods, those white, sugar starch foods would lose some appeal. For now folk think junk food and good times go together, yet at my house, so far as all the comments I am hearing go, good times were had without the junk, or rather without as much. Burgers are after all junk...but no chips, and whole wheat all around.

Or not we did have oreos as a cake Smile. (husband doesn't like cake, so we stuck candles in the oreos for him)