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Busy and tired

June 15th, 2009 at 01:39 pm

Between VBS and GS and Co-op, this week is totally to busy.

And without time to shop, which in some ways is good.

Friday I had husband hurry home so I could mow the lawn, then it rained..but only for a short time so I dashed out and did it anyway (very hot here, lawn was half dry in 15 minutes.) Then soon as I was done and showered husband went to go watch the hockey game. (they won Smile.)

Saturday we were up early to go to the SC zoo (not sure it was worth a 2 hr drive) and then head back for a graduation party, which the kids were having so much fun at we let them stay late (not really the smartest thing, but oh so cute)

Sunday up early for church, help with snacks for fellowship, then CS meeting, while husband fixed friends internet, then set up for VBS dinner, then dash to store for gift (wait till you hear how I wrapped it!), then birthday party, then back to church for dinner and VBS. (all sorts of cohesion water science)

Today GMC is sleeping in (still), UE and JC are laying around doing nothing (I made them do the basic chores and rewarded them with a movie) and EL is clingy and nursing a ton more than usual.

I hope a lazy day will help refresh us, but I have to at least get the stuff ready for VBS tonight (popcorn and ice cream is the science of the day)

Oh yeah that gift, well we had no wrapping paper in the car, no cloth bags, not paper bags to decorate, nothing! Then I spied a white T-shirt that I had loaned the birthday girl when she was wet at my house for EL's birthday. So I put it on the box, perfect fit, but the top for the neck and bottom were I grabbed the overshorts that I loaned her too, and put it on the box! It was so cute! A doll gift of sorts!

And we wont miss the clothes.

2 Responses to “Busy and tired”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    Hmm, you mow the lawn? You don't get your husband to do it?

  2. princessperky Says:

    well he could rush home from work mow the lawn be done in time to kiss the kids goodnight.

    Or he could spend 2 hours with the kids while I do it.

    Since I see the kids all day, and he doesn't, we figure it makes more sense this way.

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