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Financial Goals

Short term goal is to keep 'Misc' spending down to less than 100 a month

Medium term goals:

Pay off car by end of 2008
Right now we are paying all 'extra' to the car, averaging a minimum of 200 extra a month, we hope to increase that to an extra 400 in June.

March sent = 1300 (extra pay check, plus OT)

Increase EF from 1 month salary to 3
We have an ASP through ING that is also entering us in a contest to win more money Smile wouldn't that just take care of all our goals in one fell swoop!

March = 36% of 3mo
May = about 2 months of the three...excell doesn't work and I am not doing any more math right now!

Long term:

umm do something about retirement....