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Made it to Thanksgiving!

November 30th, 2010 at 02:46 am

Mostly by virtue of not being here we made it with no heat all the way to last night.

We came in about 2am from our trip to PA and found the house 55 degrees.

Part of me is thinking we were idiots to not test the heat out before then, what if it didn't work and we were stuck with no place warm after a 9 hour drive?

Part of me was pretty pleased we made it so long with no heat, will be nice when I get the bill next month.

Also I was very lad that when my husband turned it on he set it at 62. Which for him is great.

I am finally debating a programmable thermostat. If we could go a few degrees cooler in the middle of th night, say midnight to 5am, we prolly wouldn't even notice. Though I am not sure my husband would want to try.

If a kid should happen to wake up and need diaper/potty help it is already cold enough to have to get out of bed without letting it be 2 or 4 degrees less. So that might have to wait till all the kids sleep through the night (which means we hae to stop having more)

toy computers, heat, and 'free dinners', why I'm not here

November 17th, 2010 at 10:59 pm

My mother sent us her old net book that was crashed, she said if we fixed it we could keep it.

We fixed it. Ok so my husband fixed it, I just heard the daily updates.

I am not knocking my mothers generosity, it is a cool toy but....

It is just a very expensive toy. With the amount of memory and hard drive space, and especially with the type of hard drive. It really only runs a few simple kid games. ( type online options and we barely managed to fit times attack on there)

The size of the keyboard means even my 8 year old son couldn't really use it for typing practice. Though it does make it perfect for the 5 year old and only marginally small for the 7 year old (with small hands - she is kinda petite considering her 6 ft tall parents)

No heat still, and the windows are open, so not really an achievement of mine.

We had coupons for free kids meals, with 5 kids that takes a sizable chunk out of our meal cost. Since we had a few birthdays to celebrate we thought we should take the plunge. Unfortunately with two hungry adults still add up to a pricey meal (least for unemployed folk) And no I am not sitting in a restaurant with 5 kids and not eating.

Speaking of unemployed, yep we still are. UI wont run out for a good long while, but dental bills are eating into our EF.

And as to why I'm not on here. Partly due to keeping up with education blogging, which is kinda more my life. And partly because it is embarrassing. Here it is finance, and my finances suck, and are not looking up. Both due to things I cannot change, lack of husbands job. And due to things I don't feel like changing -spending any less.

I got comfy in the level we spent, and I cut it a bit to make it all fit in UI, but...I really don't want to go back to the drastic measures I had to make a few short years ago. And yet if no new job comes before the EF runs out. OR if any other big reason to need the EF happens...I will only blame myself.

So not interested in change, and full knowing it is stupid to keep spending all the UI (which is essentially living paycheck to paycheck) I hesitate to come to a place full of smart people who might tell me I am being an idiot. (though you folk would never be so rude about it)

No heat still

November 4th, 2010 at 05:05 pm

It is now Nov 4th and we still haven't turned on the heat. I think that is a record? but not sure as I have a terrible memory.

I would like to make it as close to Thanksgiving as possible. I'll settle for after Veterans day.

Mostly it is kinda easy here in NC, mid day is plenty warm, and night time is snuggled under blankets, it is early morning that is getting uncomfortable.

Time to fire up the kettle and make some hot tea in the AM to wake up too!

hmm wonder if I made some before bed and put it in my super thermos thing it would still be hot in the AM? I think I will have to check tonight!