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Made it to Thanksgiving!

November 30th, 2010 at 02:46 am

Mostly by virtue of not being here we made it with no heat all the way to last night.

We came in about 2am from our trip to PA and found the house 55 degrees.

Part of me is thinking we were idiots to not test the heat out before then, what if it didn't work and we were stuck with no place warm after a 9 hour drive?

Part of me was pretty pleased we made it so long with no heat, will be nice when I get the bill next month.

Also I was very lad that when my husband turned it on he set it at 62. Which for him is great.

I am finally debating a programmable thermostat. If we could go a few degrees cooler in the middle of th night, say midnight to 5am, we prolly wouldn't even notice. Though I am not sure my husband would want to try.

If a kid should happen to wake up and need diaper/potty help it is already cold enough to have to get out of bed without letting it be 2 or 4 degrees less. So that might have to wait till all the kids sleep through the night (which means we hae to stop having more)

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  1. Jerry Says:

    The overnight idea is a good one, especially if it can lead to some additional savings over the winter. It can be tough getting up with the little ones (we are doing that at our house, too), but as they get older you will have some insurance of them sleeping through the night - or close - and then it's no problem. Good luck!

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