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summer reading

June 30th, 2008 at 05:26 pm

We finally signed up for the library summer reading program.

Now our kids read regardless, but it is always fun to see them rack up hours, and they think getting a prize for what they already do is pretty nifty.

This year the theme is 'catch the reading bug' with a bug being the 10 hour (or ten book for little ones) prize, and a bug decorated cup at 20 hours.

Alternately you can donate a 'book buck' to the library instead of taking your prize. That is pretty neat. Still get the cool recognition (in previous years the kids were able to write their names on the library windows when they completed the chart.) without junking up my house!

so far GMC racked up 1.5 hours in day one, and JC managed 2 books. (one she read, one read to her).

Who said you got to be comfortable.

June 28th, 2008 at 04:35 pm

Most of the year the temperature is not comfy for humans..or at least not Americans who are spoiled.

So why do we expect to be comfy?

I once read an excellent fantasy book..can't recall the name, or author unfortunately...(or rather considering my addiction, fortunately!)

Anyway, one section really stood out in my mind, the hero was wondering afar, without food, and in the rain, with of course a mission to save the world. He reflected that the only thing stopping people from being able to survive such difficulty is the assumption we humans have of being well fed and comfortable. Animals have no such delusions. Life is hard, and often uncomfortable. Complaining about it, only reminds us of the trouble. (the hero of course was part wolf-no not Elfquest)

Which is why I am (and my children are) in the 80 degree house, not to bothered by a bit of sweat, while my husband (grew up with air conditioning) is ... cranky. He elected to go work in the garage...a place in his mind that is supposed to be hot and uncomfortable!

Dunno about you, but I would rather be a bit hot in the house, than roasting in the garage! But then again, the work does need done sometime.

It sells, but it sucks

June 26th, 2008 at 04:18 pm

SO there is this graph showing how MTV plays no music anymore...and of course the comments are all on how it sucks.

And yet MTV wouldn't have switched from music to b;ab if they weren't making money.

So if the general consensus is that the blabbing sucks, why are we still watching it? (not that I have access to MTV, not sure who is watching it)

I think there are a lot of products other than TV, that gain popularity, but are not any good. Advertising is powerful stuff.

VBS 'free' dinner

June 23rd, 2008 at 05:35 pm

Now tecnically it is free, no one asks for money. But there is a free will offering basket, and the cost of serving the food is mentioned.

We usually pay a bit into the free will, and I find the week of not cooking wonderful. since the food is bought in bulk the per person is about the same as at home, even if it is a bit more convenience like.

And I don't have to wash dishes! The only bad part is no leftovers. But then this year my husband happens to be working from home for several days, so no need really for him to take leftovers.

Now if only I could figure out how to take a nap!

Yuppy composting

June 20th, 2008 at 02:20 pm

I received as a gift a composter. An actual device for composting stuff. I know compost is a natural process and shouldn't need help from anything, but. Around here with the wild animals, no food product is left alone to compost. On the one hand that is fine, food still goes to good use..sorta. It certainly isn't helping my pathetic 'garden' of lillys.

So in comes this modern contraption that will turn food scraps into compost in just one week, so long as you plug it in and add baking soda and wood shavings. (according to that green website it uses very little electricity)

I dunno, part of me is excited about having real compost, part of me thinks I might be counter productive.

Least I am not wrapping the food up in plastic I guess.

Why recession isn't all bad

June 19th, 2008 at 06:22 pm

I am not the only one who thinks recession may not be all bad.

Text is recession vs opportunity and Link is
recession vs opportunity

I have been thinking for years that America is a mite bit spoiled to be complaining of not being able to afford fancy vacations, or new cars every year.

Compared to most of the world, knowing about exotic locals to take a vacation is a luxury! The access we have to the internet or books (via library if needed) is amazingly cheap compared to the cost of water in most countries.

Not to mention seeing a car is rare for many people, while Americans use one for silly trips. (I live in a community where folk 4 blocks away drive to the pool.)

I honestly think a bit of a recession would be good for America. Well it would be good if we let folk start getting used to not being able to afford things. It isn't all bad to want IMO.

registration snowball

June 18th, 2008 at 06:06 pm

So having a homebirth does remove some of the convenience of the hospital registering the birth.

No one called the day she was born to get the spelling of her name, and all the mothers maiden name and etc.

So I had to call, turns out the needs are simple, a valid ID, proof of pregnancy, and vital stats. (date time, etc)

Only trouble, Husbands license expired! two days ago, it was on the todo list. Then there is the letter it has to be notarized, so back to calling the church, except the pastor is on retreat, so call back and see if the minister of music can do it.

So now one little trip to the office of records is three trips all around town.

Only good thing, I don't have to join him Smile.

100 things

June 16th, 2008 at 06:06 pm

I am an anti stuff person, I do have clutter but in general it is clutter related to paperwork, or 'stuff to go goodwill', or to be given to a friend, or 'stuff for Cub os Saturday, VBS Sunday, etc. (now my husband on the other hand is a pack rat!)

So a challenge to reduce stuff should come easy to me. And yet, it doesn't. I can't fit my belongings into the trunk of a car, I cannot reduce the number to 100. I am not sure I even want to be reduced to such a number, though it aught to make cleaning easier!

I find myself right now with more desire than energy to clean or declutter....And for the 4th time in my life, I find I am not as lazy as a new mom aught to be!

GMC lost a tooth!

June 13th, 2008 at 01:50 pm

He really lost it, on the way to clean the bathroom this morning my husband thought GMC had a major chocolate mess (yes Daddy gave them each a chocolate straw after a healthy breakfast), big old black spot on his face, but it was actually a missing tooth!

Only trouble, GMC really really lost it! We have no idea where it is, though I can guess having just finished breakfast he ate it (eww...)

My baby, so recently he was snuggled in the same blanket as EL and now..a missing tooth!

It was a bottom tooth that actually he banged up on his cousin, so it prolly fell out a bit earlier than he typically would have.

Little EL is here!

June 10th, 2008 at 06:50 pm

She came last week, weighed in at 9lb 9oz, 22 inches long.

She tied in length with her big bro UE, but weighed more than any of them.

The homebirth experience was wonderful! The midwife was patient reassured all my worries (I am a whiny woman in labor) and let me just listen to my body...meaning for the first time I did not tear! I was able to push when ready for as long as ready.

EL is healthy, a bit grey at birth but then all my kids were funny colors at birth, she pinked up right quick.

The only thing I could ask for is someone else to do my laundry! Other than that I loved having my husband here holding me just the way I wanted, having all my kids together on the bed right after, and not having to wake any of them up for anything.

After the midwivees had gone home my husband was able to feed the older kids, and tuck them in at a normal time. Then he came and had some wonderful new daddy time. Again in the morning, instead of me pacing the room waiting for him to return he was right there to help with diaper changes and all three older kids got to kiss EL good morning.

I will so be going with a home birth should we ever be crazy enough to get pregnant again!

UE is already anxious to teach El how to crawl! and GMC wants to know how to teach her to talk (seems he missed how it happened the last two times..which makes sense since it isn't really a taught skill) JC wants to help all she can with blankets and diapers (I told her she wasn't allowed to change one till the cord stump fell off)

free tutoring

June 4th, 2008 at 03:43 pm

I have a live in tutor for my oldest.

Yesterday morning GMC sat down while playing with duplos and asked UE to count them. He was rather patient and they counted 'square blocks' 'rectangular blocks'. the pile over there, and the pile over here. I had plans of cleaning (or having them clean) but I thought watching them count together was way cooler!

GMC was willing to teach JC way back when too, but he taught her in French! She could honestly count in French to about six, before she could count in English! Unfortunately both GMC and JC lost interest in French.

Taking off work...sortof

June 1st, 2008 at 04:31 pm

OF course being at home, I never get paid to work, but Truthfully I have plenty of work that aught to get done..well aside from sitting with my feet up I am off work..mostly.

I still have kids to feed, and take care of, but I vow to rest..regardless of how I feel. Because I was doing great when I rested last week, then I had things I just couldn't avoid (plus some laundry, dishes, ect) so I picked up the pace, and used up all the energy I had gathered from the couple days rest.

And I guess, I need to gather that energy again, so I can survive delivery!

So heres to doing nothing...again.

Oh the cub crossover went rather well, a ton of awards went out, and a cute crossing was made. and my feet were three sizes too big by the end!