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June 16th, 2008 at 06:06 pm

I am an anti stuff person, I do have clutter but in general it is clutter related to paperwork, or 'stuff to go goodwill', or to be given to a friend, or 'stuff for Cub os Saturday, VBS Sunday, etc. (now my husband on the other hand is a pack rat!)

So a challenge to reduce stuff should come easy to me. And yet, it doesn't. I can't fit my belongings into the trunk of a car, I cannot reduce the number to 100. I am not sure I even want to be reduced to such a number, though it aught to make cleaning easier!

I find myself right now with more desire than energy to clean or declutter....And for the 4th time in my life, I find I am not as lazy as a new mom aught to be!

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  1. disneysteve Says:

    "more desire than energy" - I love it. That describes me perfectly. Lots of good intentions: clean the house, sell more on ebay, trim the shrubs, fix some stuff around the house. Plenty of things on the to-do list and just not enough time or energy to do them all (or even most of them).

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