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GMC lost a tooth!

June 13th, 2008 at 01:50 pm

He really lost it, on the way to clean the bathroom this morning my husband thought GMC had a major chocolate mess (yes Daddy gave them each a chocolate straw after a healthy breakfast), big old black spot on his face, but it was actually a missing tooth!

Only trouble, GMC really really lost it! We have no idea where it is, though I can guess having just finished breakfast he ate it (eww...)

My baby, so recently he was snuggled in the same blanket as EL and now..a missing tooth!

It was a bottom tooth that actually he banged up on his cousin, so it prolly fell out a bit earlier than he typically would have.

2 Responses to “GMC lost a tooth!”

  1. nanamom Says:

    Oh how dear that is, get a picture with a big smile!!!!
    I remember the first lost tooth of my too older ones it seemed so incredible that my babies were losing teeth already.

  2. JanH Says:

    DD totally lost a tooth once and cried because she had no tooth to leave the tooth fairy. I had to write a note and put it under her pillow so that she'd go to bed. The tooth fairy left her a surprise. Sigh. Those little milestones....

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