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Write it down!

June 10th, 2009 at 05:45 pm

So a typical day here involves many more questions than I have answers to. In general I try to file interesting ones away to google search, becuase if I am online I am not doing housework, which means I tend to avoid googling things till later on.

Anyway by the time I get L down for nap, lunch finished and maybe cleaned up, checked on emails and tried to sludge through some work for the scouts or CE or whatever, I have forgotten the interesting question. Not surprising as I have a terrible memory, but also not helpful.

So today I had a novel idea...I could write down the questions then when I have my hands free go google them with my kids. (usually GMC, U has to short an attention span and JC is more interested in drawing and making up stories)

I know this is an old idea, but for me, it just might be the beginning of a homeschool breakthrough! Sometimes the simple things escape me.

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