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The cost of piano/voice lessons

June 29th, 2009 at 05:28 pm

In the co-op there was discussion of offering piano and or voice lessons. I checked and GMC still wants piano (has been asking for a long time, either piano or violin or recorder)

And JC recently heard a teen girl sing opera and the Aladdin theme, JC was absolutely enthralled and wanted to learn how to sing that way.

Since I can't read music, nor sing beyond passable I figured they would have to get their lessons from someone else.

We are no longer doing the co-op, organizational issues, so I don't know if we can afford the piano or voice lessons.

Seems to be about $80 a month each. Which sounds like quite a lot.

4 Responses to “The cost of piano/voice lessons”

  1. Lisa Says:

    My daughter sings. Her voice lessons are $50 per half hour. From experience, I can tell you that instrument lessons run $25 per half hour and up, depending.

    My daughter, who just graduated from high school, gives flute lessons to several elementary age kids. She charges $15 for 45 minutes, which is a fabulous deal in our town. And she's just in high school! She took lessons from the best teacher around, who often suggests that younger kids take from older kids. You might ask around for something like that.

  2. monkeymama Says:

    GOOD music lessons are expensive - no doubt about it.

    I would look and see if there are group piano lessons around - it's usually a more affordable format. It's how I learned. (My teacher did 45-minute group lessons and 15-minute private lessons with student teachers - for some one-on-one).

    I took private voice lessons as an adult - an area I am not as familar with though. I really doubt private lessons would be necessary at such a young age - her voice won't mature for many years (though I could be wrong). Maybe joining a choir would be a good start. Same kind of concept - may be much cheaper to start in a group setting.

  3. denaf Says:

    Do you know any homeschool kids that play piano? There is a very talented 16 year old in our town that gives lessons to homeschool kids. You may also try your local college. Sometimes students will give lessons for extra money. We did this with my son's guitar lessons. I paid a college kid $30 a month for weekly 30 minute lessons. It wasn't the same as a professional, but he did learn. I also found out if he was going to stick with it, before dishing out a lot of money. He now takes lessons from a music school. I pay $25 a week for a 30 minute session.

  4. north georgia gal Says:

    We pay $95 a month for violin lessons and $95 a month for piano lessons(well, rather my mother pays its! she is determined to have a musician in the family! LOL) But that includes recitals, group lessons about 2 times a month, theory lessons, and performances at local churches throughout the year. Good lessons are expensive. I would start with a student as suggested to make sure that your child is serious about it.

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