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Why am I the sick one?

May 3rd, 2008 at 07:08 pm

I am old school when it comes to food, I follow the old 4 food groups (in my defense it is what I was taught first before the fancy pyramids)

So every meal has to have a fruit or a veggie, a grain and a protien (with some milk somewhere, but you really don't need that much milk, you need calcium)

This means dinner generally has a bag of veggies each. (5 servings in the bag, though there is nearly always some left for husbands lunch).

I tend to load the plates with equal parts whole grain and veggie and a lesser portion of protien.

I have heard that a kids meal is an adult portion of food, but a kids meal would only keep my girl happy. (My 6 yo son eats more) size wise a kids meal is about what the kids eat husband and I eat more. both boys generally want seconds. (of course if I put more on the plate in the first place they wouldn't finish!)

All three kids are very healthy, we have had 4 sick visits in the 6 years, two ear infections, one kid with allergies, and one recent case of strep throat (which EVERYONE we knew had). They grow right, learn right, and look great. Slightly pron to 'the snots' but then they all seem to have allergies, snots are seasonal, and related to my level of breathing (if I can't breath they have 'the snots'-the little one no longer has trouble breathing, he just has 'the snots')

Broken down by kid:
GMC - 1 ear infection, one strep
JC - 2 ear infections one strep
UE - allergies reaction two years ago.
DH = bronchitis twice

If they are so healthy, why am I so sick? In reality I enjoyed a long time of similar level of health, a yearly cold and the allergy issue along with my son two years ago.

Until this year. This year I seem to be run down or sick 90% of the time. True I am pregnant, but it's not like I haven't been pregnant before. I wasn't sick a day during my oldest pregnancy (I had some pregnancy symptoms, but nothing major) The worst I had during my younger two pregnancies was a cold.

This time around, I had 'real morning sickness' not just all the nausea, but plenty of puking. I have all the old symptoms (excema on the hands, general fatigue, pain, etc, normal simple issues), and I am having real burning cravings (sent my husband out at 11pm for cashews, never did that before). Plus my current allergy induced issue, plus I am anemic for the first time ever. Plus adding iron like crazy to fix it seems to have messed up my intestines. Plus the 'slight congestion' of earlier pregnancies is MAJOR congestion. (and has been even before allergy season) Plus the 'slight shortness of breath' from previous pregnancies is more like 'can't walk across room without being out of breath'. (I seriously have answered the phone multiple times and had people ask 'whats wrong?' All because I had to cross the room to get the phone)

So what am I doing wrong? Why am I so sick? How come they are the picture of health, while I am a tired, sore cranky, moody, breathless, swollen, coughing, tired, non-sleeping, sicko?

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