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Hilary needs a new PR director..or ad agency, whatever

May 3rd, 2008 at 03:09 pm

First you have to understand I do not vote in primaries, I am not a democrat nor a republican. However I do see ads, and I have formed some useless opinions from them.

I have not researched either Obama nor Hilary. So these opinions are purely based on the TV ads with a small amount of Digg headlines thrown in. This is not meant as an endorsement for either of them..only for their ad team Smile.

Obama is apparently going to change things, all his ads (on my local stations) are ... "Change, we can change things"..which is a lovely thought since of course things suck. (grass is greener somewhere else)

Hilary on the other hand is telling jokes..not that I ever hear one, just that her ads are all her face and a bunch of laughing folk behind her.....

More recently they have branched out, Obama telling us a gas tax cut is a band-aid fix (I agree) and Hilary telling us how terrible it is Obama wont cut the tax.

Hilary of course ends with a joke (don't know what it was, but them folk are laughing again) Obama ends with 'change' (for Washington)

So based purely on the ads, I would vote Obama, if I were planning on voting in the primaries (but remember I am a libertarian, so wouldn't vote for either) Just thought I would let the Ad agencies know what there hard work was achieving here....

But then according to Boston Legal..primary votes don't matter..the delegates can vote any old way they choose....) I have got to get rid of this cold and find a better way to kill time while not sleeping....(wanna hear my thoughts on midnight chat line ads?)

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  1. katwoman Says:

    I find it much more telling to actually look to see how the candidates vote on issues. Like the housing bill that was up for senate vote. It was called the Frank-Dodd bill, co-sponsored by Obama and even Hilary liked it albiet her version had a few more bells and whistles. McCain didn't even bother to offer anything here since my guess is, why show your hand when you don't even know who your actual opponent will be?

    Anyway...all but 4 senators voted yay or nay on the bill. 3 Of the 4 NON-VOTERS are running for President!

    These little trifles are far more interesting than any spindoctor could possibly come up with.

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