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free training?

May 14th, 2008 at 03:40 pm

What a switch, I just signed my daughter up for girl scouting, she doesn't start till fall but they wanted her to preregister.

And the training is free! I signed up to be her leader (that is the deal, DH does the boy scouts, I do the girl how come I am doing both boy and girl?)

Anyway. Free training is a refreshing change!

4 Responses to “free training?”

  1. snoopycool Says:

    I loved GS! My mom was my troop leader, and we had such fun together at camp!! Prepare for good memories Smile

  2. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    I'd expect it to be free to train to volunteer. Did the Cub Scouts charge you?

  3. princessperky Says:

    BSA charges for everything it can! And they go out of their way to make the badges and the like non reusable!

    I like the main concept of BSA, but I really dislike the money grubbing aspect.

  4. nanamom Says:

    Don't worry a DH like yours will be plenty involved in GS. I'm sure it will compare to what you do for BS. And the reason is because you are a wonderful Mom.Smile

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