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May 10th, 2008 at 04:09 pm

For the scouts GMC has to make a poster to earn his communications belt loop. and one to earn the 'leave no trace' award. and one to earn the citizen belt loop...

I don't like making posters, or didn't. I helped GMC and JC make one each the other day, and it wasn't so bad..mostly because they are cute, and they don't have to put quite so much information down, so long as something is learned, I am happy.

GMC did one on Dinosaurs, but really it turned into T-Rex. He drew a T-rex, and traced an actual size T-rex tooth. Plus he wrote what era they are from (cretaceous). I was thinking he needed more, but then I hit on the idea of cutting the poster board in half. That way he could fill the space with his pictures and all.

I did the same thing for JC..she did hers on princesses. She drew an adorable princess, plus wrote out what makes a legal princess. and made a 'princess fan'. Not bad for a little girl.

So I felt a bit frugal about the whole poster I might try to do the next poster on the back of the first. is that cheap or frugal?

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  1. nanamom Says:

    Sounds frugal to me. Take a picture of th eposters and then take them apart and you can reuse the boards and still have it to look at!!

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