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odd thoughts about a home birth

May 16th, 2008 at 04:34 pm

Looking at my upcoming delivery, I realized a few things will be different. More than just the relaxed atmosphere and not having to wake my older kids up.

This is not a medical discussion, just all the non medical points. Medically I live very close to a hospital, and I will be attended by a midwife with medical experience.

1. No 'free' diapers. All three kids came with several packs of the newborn diapers, plus wipes and diaper rash cream. (also no free feminine supplies.)

2. No 'free' diaper bag. Formula companies around here always give diaper bags (with of course ice packs for storing breast milk) and lots of advertisement for formula (beside the scientific info on breast milk)

3. No 'free' clothing or blankets or hats. We will have to supply even the first blanket.

4. No packing..I don't have to pack a bag with toys for older kids, clothes for me, clothes for baby (with a backup in case it is a different gender than expected) No packing a car seat blankets, food for Dad (or mom) and kids...

5. No hospital food (and consequently no cost of running to a nearby restaurant to find decent food)

6. No noisy beds! My last two births I had a room with a noisy bed..honestly I thought it was possessed, soon as you start to drift off the bed would 'puff'. Supposed to be some sort of automatic adjustment to make it more comfortable, I would have preferred less comfort more silence!

7. Instant computer access! I can send my own announcement email! Not to mention I can have a computer to occupy myself should I get bored..which I doubt since I will not have to send my family away.

All in all I am looking forward to this home birth..mainly for the decent food and internet I will have availible Smile

11 Responses to “odd thoughts about a home birth”

  1. aevans1206 Says:

    You are a brave woman! God bless you!

  2. littlemama Says:

    Did you give birth to your other children at home also?

  3. Petunia Says:

    LOL - I still ended up with a diaper bag and some feminine supplies, even with a homebirth midwife.

  4. princessperky Says:

    No this will be the first home..which is why I know so much about noisy beds Smile I really don't sleep well without my home so this should be the most restful post delivery yet!

  5. mooshocker Says:

    GOd bless you and keep that Dr's phone number right by you. Have faith in the Lord and He will see you through.

  6. Carolina Bound Says:

    I think it's great that you are opting for a home birth. It should be a lot more relaxing -- better for you and the baby. I'm looking forward to hearing about your experience.

  7. reginaastralis Says:

    I always wanted to do a homebirth ... and was on Medicaid with my daughter (they don't allow water births ... I didn't look into the midwife aspect) ...

    I had a hellish birth with my daughter at the hospital and really hope to be able to give a homebirth a try .. if there ever is a next time.

  8. terri77 Says:

    Good luck to you. I hope you have an easy birth. I want to be at a hospital, with lots of drugs. LOL

  9. reflectionite Says:

    best wishes for you and your family and the newborn. my mother had all five children at home, the last arrived before the midwife was even in the door.
    it's good to see women that still think of pregnancy and childbirth as a thing of life, not something shut away in hospital. Smile

  10. AmbitiousSaver Says:

    Congrats on your upcoming arrival. And kudos for wanting a home delivery. I never managed to do it but I admire those that can.

  11. princessperky Says:

    Thanks to all!

    I had three easy births so law of statistics says this should be simple Smile

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