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Time for what I want

November 18th, 2006 at 04:08 am

I mostly do what I want, but I don't seem to have time for all I want..maybe I want to much. If it were money I would say really you can't have it all...and if you did, you wouldn't appriciate it.

in the morning I want to make 'real' breakfast and eat it with the kids, I want to

Text is figure out the day with them and Link is
figure out the day with them I want to keep the bathroom clean (though flylady's idea of 2 minutes is a far cry form a bathroom with 5, one of whom is a boy who still has lousy aim! but still 15 minutes usually suffices)

I want a made bed (or 4) I want clean floors and clean dishes, and clean laundry.

I also want to do crafts and
Text is games and Link is

I want to read with them, I want to read to them. I want to play on the computer with them.

I want to bake, and cook a healthy dinner (lunch was leftovers, I have my limits ont he amoutn of cooking I want to do Smile.)

I want to take walks with them and I want to play more games with them.

I fit all those wants in, yet I still complain about wanting to do more..really every day is pretty full. but so long as I can squeeze out my 'complaining' time, I can fit an awful lot of wants in my I shou;d stop complaining and go study flash Smile

speaking of flash, I found a boook, and I made a button that works Smile

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