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Christmas wish list

November 18th, 2006 at 07:12 am

I know many people think making a list is somehow rude. But I was raised to ask for two things every christmas..not a huge list, I had to think about what two things I wanted, and if I asked early I kept them in mind...and I never wanted to waste a request.

I still hold my mother to that rule, I still ask for something for every christmas and birthday, and I love getting what I asked for. (insulating curtains for my bedroom this year)

Last year I tried it out on my ILs, it was by far the greatest Christmas I have ever had with them. I still use the gifts (every other week for the sheets and daily for the napkins) When I get them I smile thinking how my MIL managed to get me a greenish sheet set that is wonderful.

But deciding to make a wish list is harder than actually doing it! The trick is to pick something that you want, and that you will use and remember, and not out of anyones price range...not that I ever know the price range availible.... And one with room for them to personalize...pointing out the EXACT gift is ok sometimes, but many times people want to make some choice regarding the gift. Preferably something the giver will be happy to give (no asking the teetollar for wine)

When I make my list I start with things that are practical..honestly I leave the impractical flowers and perfume up to my husband, I find impractical is fleeting, and not something worth asking for (not to mention it is best a suprise).

To figure out I really want, I try to make a list of 4 or so early on, then I try to remeber it a week or month later, anything I am struggling to remember can wait. I redo the list thruout the year till it comes time to ask. Remember I only get to chose one, so that one has to push out all the others!

To leave room for personalization I try to stick with things that don't requre much work/research on my part..oh wait that is me being lazy. But it still works out, I asked for napkins, i have a boring kitchen, and am a simple girl, anything simple would be fine. and I didn't have to shop for them, the best part to me!

Keeping the gift to what they are willing to give is easy for me, I buy my own wine...

Now to make my list this year.

For the kids, a computer game each older kid....(exact game to be specified)
clothing ideas for each (dress vest for GMC, not sure on the other two yet)

For my husband, a dremml, my father in law loves tools and would love to get him one to replace the one that failed.

for me.......errr time?

2 Responses to “Christmas wish list”

  1. PRICEPLUS Says:

    You sound very easy to buy for!Smile For the fellas the Dremmel and power tools are always favorites! I am nut for tools and gadgets!

  2. MoneyHoney Says:

    From the giver's standpoint, your list is a great help. 'Sounds like a good system to me.

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