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It's a whole new world...

June 26th, 2006 at 12:44 pm

We live in a different world, a world of helathfood, and structure, and rules, and excersise and.... it is weird when visitors from the other world (the one we used to live in) come visit!

Yesterday for a treat we were given apples, the kids love apples, green ones, or yellow...we never eat red....apparently the visiting teens preffered my yellow to red too Smile (I used to only eat red, now it is only green or yellow)

We were also given some bread and cheese product in a mini paid how much for 5 tiny sticks of bread and some fake cheese like substance? (I used to too)

Shopping we were offered new shoes for JC, she has 4 pair, more than anyone else in the house, and one of each 'kind' known to man (well worn in summer) oh except flipflops...she doesn't need new sandals, though yes they were cute. (I used to buy shoes just cause they were cute, had no room for em, got em squished, ruined)

I appriciate the attempt to treat, and I actually appricate how hard it can be, normal doesn't work for us. No sugar en mass (small quantities yes) no fake food en mass (share it with daddy). We make it so hard!

Then there was the conversation about sitting at a TV w.... the conversation about why we didn't rewind the movie for the kids to rewatch I don't actaully want them to watch an hour two days in a row! I remember when DH and I would sit blankly in front of the computer like that, but I would never want my kids to live like that.

As long as I never forget that I too once did all that I am going ot enjoy the benifits of living with my 'different view' And I am sooooooooo greatful my husband is here with me! I couldn't live if he wasn't on my side helping keep the kids healthy.

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  1. Bookie Says:

    "The other world." That's an effective description. You sound like an anthropologist revisiting an alien culture. Smile

    We lived like that once, and it now seems so odd and foreign. But I'm also struck by how peculiar we seem in return.


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