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Beating the heat

June 23rd, 2006 at 12:26 pm

We ran out of 'lil swimmers' (for those of you not blessed with unpotty trained kids within the last couple of years they are like diapers only they don't hold water so they don't swell in the pool. -and if they don't hold water what happens to the pee?)

Anyway, no 'lil swimmer' no pool for UE. No pool for UE means no pool for Mommy! This was the end of the world, yesterday was the looooongest day of the summer. The house was 85 by 10 am, 90 by dinner and I couldn't go soak in a pool! (we don't want to talk about what it ws outside)

Many days I go to the pool about 10am soak for a bit, then sit down dripping to feed UE in the shade, he is cool and wet, I am cool and wet, life is good (GMC and JC are splashing in the pool)

Yesterday no pool, dripping with sweat, which actually seems to do nothing to cool one off, I moped around, watching sweat pour off GMC's nose I dragged thru the morning chores. Wiping sweaty hair from JCs face I plodded along thru cleanup. And horror of horrors I had to hold UE snuggled close for a sweaty feeding session. UGH! I was miserable, and did I mention no pool?

I spent my morning so wrapped up in no pool I missed several obvious a hose! We finally went out in the afternoon and goofed off with the hose (I even weeded the garden while out htere) cool and comfy we came in to the house all relaxed and goofy. It was great! why didn't I think of this earlier?

reason: because I was too wrapped up in what I couldn't have. I see it in my kids all the time, the mini tantrum about a red duplo brick, keeping them from using a different but perfectly identical red duplo brick! Or they are having a tantrum over juice refusing to drink water right in front of them (it was in the wrong glass or something).

I see it in them, roll my eyes and suggest they instantly switch (take what you can get) but when I do it, fussing about a pool, it takes me all morning to think of a perfectly good alternative!

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