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old fitness goal

June 29th, 2006 at 11:56 am

So awhile ago I tried to concentrate on fitness for amonth. it didn't work to well. I could list the excuses but I already spent the entire month doing that!

I pretty much go to the pool everyday, and you might think that is useful, but it isn't. I mainly hold UE while the other two play. (BTW did I mention GMC can swim the whole 25 meter length of the pool?-dogpaddle) sure I bounce UE or swing him around, but it just doesn't equal a daily 1/2 mile walk.

So I need to find more time, I need to MAKE time for me to work out other than the pool. I am debating on before the pool or after.

I already wont go to the pool till I have dishes, laundry and breakfast taken care of, but that is mainly for the kids..I mean I do most of the work, but it helps them know what we have to get done. Most days that is not to hard and we get out the door on time (pool opens at 10) so adding something to the work sounds semi reasonable, but then it might take longer.

I dunno, maybe I am just to busy making excuses to get out of toning the abs!

1 Responses to “old fitness goal”

  1. debra Says:

    Forget the excuses. Get tough with yourself. Exercise, you will feel better afterward and only after you have gotten your doctors ok.

    get tough

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