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Just complaining

June 30th, 2006 at 02:56 pm

Today is not a good day, not good at all.

First UE pooped in the tub

And we have no bleach, I have bleach in my cleaner, but I wanted to just leave the toys soak in bleach for a bitů.But I can't...

Then I discovered I have to wash the swim stuff again. No one line dried them last night.

Then JC missed the potty...and tried to clean it up herself, she is soo 'helpful'. Did I mention we are out of bleach?

Now GMC tried to pour himself a drink, of red koolaid, we aught to ban red koolaid. (we water it down and it is a rare treat, but that isn't enough anymore)

I am about ready to fall asleep at the keyboard, and the kids are making a HUGE mess with toys today (they usually do, but today it irritates me)

Oh and to top it all off, for some reason I can't get my hair stick to stick without hurting me...

And of course the ILs may or may not be stopping by at any point, but I wont know cause I don't have a phone....

And I yahoo searched a photo of 'annie' the girl from the you know what you find when you search a girls name on yahoo? Closed that quick.

And btw I feel insulted by something someone posted...ain't that a waste of feeling! good grief. It is anonymous, online, no one knows me from Adam, why would I be insulted?

One good thing, DH found Annie for me.

Text is image search for aileen quinn annie and Link is
image search for aileen quinn annie

Tomorrow, the sun'll come out tomorrow, wonder if it would mind hurrying up a bit?

4 Responses to “Just complaining”

  1. contrary1 Says:

    Some days just aren't worth getting up for are they?? Parenting little ones is so all consuming, so draining.......I remember feeling like I wanted to just walk out the door and never come back; more than once.

    My mother used to tell me to take the kids outside whenever the day to day stuff got to me. Hard to do in WA state with all the rain, but we did it. The fresh air made them sleepy later & the walk always gave me fresh perspective.

  2. princessperky Says:

    I think that is part of my problem, we were not able to go to the pool. I need that pool, not only does it cool us off it gets us out!

  3. debra williams Says:

    Everyone needs a little time for themselves during the week. Do you have a hobby? Is there anything special you want to do during the week?

  4. princessperky Says:

    lots, but as I mentioned to DH yesterday, I can't be seperated form UE...that is possibly the hardest thing for me....I like alone time.

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