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Just what am I preparing them for anyway?

June 23rd, 2006 at 10:49 am

I read this blog,

Text is Renaissance Mom and Link is
Renaissance Mom about preparing kids/kittens.

"They need to do THE ACTUAL THING in youth that they’ll be doing as adults."

Err the actual things thay will be doing? A kitten has limited options...1. hunt or 2. be cute and get fed.

My kids on the other hand have many many options. From Dr to accountant, to farmer, or lawyer, or, or, or.... My kids can do anything (of course!) yet none of it is at all like school...

"They don’t need to learn how to survive emotionally and psychologically in a group of 30+ peers within 12 months of their own age. ....... Nor will they ever need most of the things that they’d be force-fed in traditional “school”. None of these things will prepare them to be “good grown-up cats”. "

Preparing my chilfren instead needs to be a mix of real world oportunity (politics at the pool, math while cooking, mix of ages at a party, calm reading at a library, running a house, etc.) With a bit of 'playing the game' for good measure.

I am not so naive to think that no one judges me by my clothes, but I don't really care, I don't have to. My husband on the other hand,'buisness casual' is required to work. So long as my kids can dress the part when needed, they never need to know a single 'in' style. Nor do they need to know the 'right shoe'. (right hair, right brand...)

No I will spend my time teaching my kids anything they want to know, and I will continue to expose them to all different types of people, backgrounds, walks of life, and incomes. I will not require them to do more than behave, but I will invite them and nyone around me to grow, learn, and live.

So whats that got to do with money? Everything, my kids are here when I spend it, they are here when I balance it, budget it, and waste it. They wont be wondering to SA at 20 learning how to budget 'now that your an adult' they will be using those skills NOW to prepare for being 'all grown up'. (and comming to SA for support/sense of community Smile.)

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    ever since my other post on what I am peparing my kids for I have been thinking more on it, and while I am daunted by the task of preparing them ofr a career, any career. I am hopefull...

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