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old survey post, please ignore

May 7th, 2006 at 11:53 am

Edit to note: Several comments about the survey being closed now, thanks for letting us know


We saw a survey at our pediatricians last visit for 5 bucks, there was a website to visit. Well procrastination did us in, I just finally got the paper out to go to the website and it says it is for people who visited the Doc in the last 3 days!

I certainly didn't!

but if any of you have (or if you want to book mark it for when you do go)

survey site

There was another one, but I lost it Frown

in case it wants you to start at the begining the actual address on the brochore is:


And no where on it does it say anything about not telling others, so I don't think I am breaking any fine print by sharing....

16 Responses to “old survey post, please ignore”

  1. Barbara Gross Says:

    Dear Sir:

  2. david burnham Says:

    got the same thing from my doctors office. tried to log on to the page. came up with no responce found. address was www. healthysurvey.com/had375. guess is another con game, from worthless companys. as they say nothing is free. But sure pay enough at the doctors, have informed my doctors office about this scam. he was not happy.

  3. princessperky Says:

    Maybe it was just out of date or something? I think a expiration date would be helpful.

  4. casper from kc Says:

    same here i guess they really dont care about are thoughts and opinions well i guess they could take the five dollars and shuv it.

  5. janettemessbarger Says:


  6. lisa Says:

    Thank you all for the info on this i to tryed filling out the survey just to be sent to a closed page they need to put an exp. date these things

  7. Mandy Says:

    Went on the main website today, typed in the 6-digit code, and found this message:

    This Survey Is Now Closed.

    Thank you for visiting our online research community. We apologize, but we have reached the response quota for this survey and the survey is now closed. We appreciate your interest in taking the survey!

  8. Patc Says:

    Same thing here. No survey to be taken, no $5.00 to be rewarded for taking survey and no expiration date.

  9. sally Says:

    What do I tell my nine year old, who opened her throat for a gaggy swab job... promising her five dollars if she did it? Guess I just lost 5 bucks. Wish I could shove it down the throat of the scammers who thunk up this junk in the first place.

  10. cris Says:

    why put these flyers all over town if you don't give a damn about our thoughts. thanks for wasting everyones time on this bull!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. roxanne jackson Says:


  12. STUPID Says:


  13. kimberly Says:

    biuurl email

  14. Marnet Says:

    What people have nothing else to do with there time but to play with the working class people. they know that times are hard and everyone is trying to get extra change or just to loosen the burden why PLAY U SUCK!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Angry Patient Says:

    The survey was legit, but asked a lot of questions about time and waiting. I spent a lot of time in the exam room. I think the dr. office s getting paid to do market research. The brochure rack had two lame magazines that I now realize were there for a reason. I feel used and abused. And the dr. took his own sweet time coming in so that each patient had no choice but to look in the rack. What a scam.

  16. Mays Says:

    The survey is legit. I just received the $5 ("cash" not check) in the mail . I can't believe they send cash in the mail.

    I thought this was a scam too. But I answered the survey anyway. I was just cautious not to give sensitive information.

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