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April 7th, 2005 at 01:40 pm

I got to hear my babys heartbeat Smile, and that is 100% covered by insurance, they have to talk me into anything else. I don't really feel too much need for the bloodwork. I am about 12 weeks along (give or take Smile.) and that puts my official due date at October 21st I think, so I should have an October baby to go beside my November DD Smile.

We also had DD's DR apointment to check up on her, and she is fine, but her slight rash at the elbows isn't getting better so we have some samples of cortazone to use fr a day or two, should clear it up. Also doc mentioned an oldfashioned cornstarch to help with the heatrash (what hers starts at) sensitive skin girl, and she recomended a change in soap, from the baby J&J to dove I think. We have the other stuff so the bar of dove would cost more, but it is prolly cheaper in the long run, specialy if it reduces the eucerin need around here.

After the DR we stopped at the mall, looking or a bday gift for DS and a place to eat other than the car. We splurged on some fries after we ate the pb sandwhiches, both DH and I now hate pnut butter sandwhichs. Sort of a reward for not buying the whole meal out. a 3 something reward. But as starving and craving as I was after the midwife apointment, we did not stop for burgers. So I was partly good.

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