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Like anyone wants to hear me whine?

November 29th, 2004 at 01:15 pm

Ok for the longest time I have been feeling alone in my search to save money. My friends and family are the people with cable and constantly growing CC debt with no action. Sure some of them talk about it, and my SIL even uses cloth diapers when she can't afford any disposable s till payday. But A they are expensive disposables, and B she had 6 bucks for DR. Pepper, and beer.

Anyway I can babble to my hearts content on this journal and feel connected to the savings world!

Now I have to go eat breakfast and try not to feel guilty about starting a load of laundry in my energy wasting washing machine, which will then be put into my old but working dryer, again a cost I chose to pay. (while complaining about other people wo chose DR perpper. bit mean of me ain't it?)

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