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Oh yeah

November 29th, 2004 at 04:00 pm

Ok the whole reason I was looking for someone to commiserate/brag/brainstorm with. I froze cat food last night! is that weird or what? I made a chicken in the oven and like usuall I boiled the carcass for soup. Well since the stray has been begging for food everyday I started removing the bone from the mush left over and giving the cat the scraps, they are way to much work for me to the skin and the fat and the tendon (boy chickens have alot of tendons!) But this time there was so much mush left from both chickens (I cooked two btw) that I had to freeze it or it would go bad before the cat ate it all! (it is a small cat.) I was left feeling really silly I mean I froze baby food when my kids used it but cat food??

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