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UGh - check book balencing

November 30th, 2004 at 07:52 pm

For starters I am completly incapable of balencing the checkbook, but my husband works so I get the task, not that it saves him any time because he always has to come help me figure out what I did wrong. And I ALWAYS do something, usually multiple somethings, wrong.

Unfortunatly my second trouble is that it never goes up! or anyway my CC payments never go up. And this time is the worst, I had to have money taken out of my account to cover a check, with accompaning fee, I have checks sitting in my desk that could go in to cover the mortgage, but I can't get to the bank to cash them! (no car and my kids can't walk that far, not that I want to either - 5ish miles?).

Now I could tell my husband but it isn't as if he can do anything, or I can keep quiet and feel guilty for keeping it from him.

And to top it all off I have to go to the DR for my daughters one year check up on Thursday and face the choice of either making her pay or using a credit card!

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