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sick kids are expensive!

December 14th, 2004 at 05:28 pm

We had to take my Daughter to the Doc's yesterday to get her ear checked out. Boy was the doc mad, seems breastfed kids who don't go to daycare arn't supposed to get those. But we had to use her money to pay for the visit and the credit card for the medicine. Sucks. Seems like there is always something. I so hope my son doesn't get it! although he started the flu thing so hopefully he already beat it up.

On a good note, my MIL had a single bed frame in their attic, two actually so we are set for the next time. Now all we need to do is find a mattress for it and my son can have a big bed (he is 45lbs, getting too big for the toddler bed he's been in for a year.) Which means we can put my daughter in a toddler bed now, and save the crib for the next kid, which my husband is avoiding because they cost money. I figure as hard as it may be God will provide if we are careful. besides I like kids!

Also on a good note I found a birthday present for my nephew which is the last thing we absolutly had to buy this year, I still want to find someting for mydad but oh well.

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