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Big bed

December 17th, 2004 at 12:57 am

Well my inlaws decided to go buy the mattress for my sons bed while they were here, so he now has a huge bed! I swear the thing is taller than him! But it has a sortof ladder in the footboard so he can climb up.

And we now know how much money we need to save to get a new mattress for our bed, the middle of the line mattress we want is around 250. Not to terrible, about the cost of one crown Smile. We have lots of dental bills lately so I am comparing everything to that.

On the way home from the mattress store my husbnd mentioned to my FIL about our need fo a mattress and of course my FIL asked why he didn't mention it while they were in the store. And the reason is we don't want them to buy everything for us! I mean yeah it would be nice to have, my back is begging for a new one, but we feel guilty when we take there money all the time. besides it gives us a concrete goal to save for after we get the credit card paid off.

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