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Turning computer off

December 19th, 2004 at 07:30 pm

Last month I started actually turning my computer off at night, I finally realized that when my daughter wakes up I no longer head for the computer whle puting her back down, I just hold her in bed for a bit and sneak out the next time I wakeup. which doesn't take to long seeing as the toddler bed is a mite bit uncomfortable.

Now last night I figured I honestly don't need it on from sunup to well past sundown. I know for some people that is soo obvious and for others that is the end of the world! But I turned it off before dinnertime and managed to survive the whole night without turning it back on. Bu it was close, one of my guests failed to show up so I had to use my husbands computer to check my email and make sure they hadn't left a note for me or anything.

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