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I am a jerk

December 24th, 2004 at 03:27 pm

Last night my inlaws came over to do the christmas present trade. I got handed a triangular box that from the outside looked just like the figgis food boxes (mail order expensive food company) The first thing that popped into my head was what a rip off of a gift. Well it turned out to be christmas tree sented candles. I have been doing some complaining about our fake tree, A perfect gift for me. so I am a jerk. Thankfully a silent jerk

Then I got to thinking they might be trying to cut down on expenses too, the gifts were of a lesser cost, But possibly better thought out. and I realized, my BIL had been doing the shopping, he diddn't just go out and grab the first outfit of aproximatly the right size and throw it in a box, the gifts he got were obviously a guys thoguht out sort. It was cute. DS got a set of finger paints the crayola wonder kind, and some paintable christmas cards, J got a gloworm doll. I happen to not like the gloworm but she already has one (they didn't know that). Anyway the kids seemed to like their stuff and no one minded the reduced cost of the items.

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