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Baking Day

December 26th, 2004 at 02:49 pm

i looked at what was left of my grocery budget and decided what was the biggest expense, milk, snacks, and diapers. (snacks btw not really being junk, cheereos, raisins, crakers, kid healthy snacks)

So I figured I could make some bread and crackers for snacks, I found a recipe for some that are supposed to be beaten with a mallet! It was fun to make, though I didn't have a mallet. and my husband suggested a baking day, because really for me to bake does require well behaved kids that preferable will leave me mostly alone. So next month we are going to pick a thursday that my husband is off and use it to bake, I wont have to stop to help with potty breaks or diapers, and he can help the kids 'help' me.

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