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Baking day

December 29th, 2004 at 03:02 pm

This is it, this is the day for baking, My husband is watching the kids, sort of, not like they can go far. I have already gotten 2 batches of cinnamon pie in, and a ton of ships buisquits cut out and waiting to cook, as soon as the oven is empty! I discovered that my DH can do a great jb of pounding them by actually punching the dough. I hope the final product is as good as when I beat them with the rolling pin. It did end up a bit dented looking from his knuckles, but it saved me some pounding and he had fun. Can't wait for DS to get a chance to try it, right now he is a bit short to be able to punch with any strength all the way on the table.

Next I am going to make brownies at a fraction of the cost of the mix, and even smaller fraction of the cost of buying them. And prolly try some bread too, I was getting pretty good at it, but it takes a rather long time, and my son only just started eating whole wheat bread. Thankfully I ate it when my DD was learning to like food, so she has always eaten it. In fact we went for a burger a couple o months ago and the kids wouldn't eat the bun, to pasty white! Weird, I had no troubles. We got my son into the bread by offering him 'brown' bread, his faorite color. We started with honey wheat, and once he got used to his bread having flavor we switched to 'darker brown bread' The homade kind is even darker so we will try it and see if it goes over well.

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