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December 31st, 2004 at 03:48 pm

Since I posted how I don't want the government to pay for my vices I figured I should see just what they are, I only have 15 minutes and I would never be able to list all of them in that short a time, but I will get to as many as I can. Maybe I will think of new ways to cut some back or out.

1. Kids, the two I have and any more God gives me
2. Cable internet, I am a true wife of a computer geek, addicted Smile
3. Long hot showers, though tecnically I cut them down a bit.
4. all the computers, Dh is a true geek, with lots of them
5. keeping tv plugged in in LR, and computers
6. Monthly news letter about my kids, which I need to go do now.

Cut back on:
1. wine, or harder stuff, easy since I can't take a pregnancy test!
2. speaking of tests, major amount of money spent there each year
3. Hot chocolate!
4. Steak
5. chicken nuggets! I like chicken nuggets. I miss chicken nuggets
6. cheereos
7. computer use, I have been turning it off earlier, and on later
8. Pop, though again easy due to lack of test
9. lill debbie snack cakes
10. heat, I so woul love a house at 72 or 74 degrees
11. plugged in apliances, like microwave, and toaster
12. Hot water to wash clothes in, sort of a habit, plus when kids have an accident, the hottter the better in my mind.
13. eating out, though since I havn't been in around 6 months it might count as quitting.

Quit completly:
1. hah, I am not a quitter!

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