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Made up for saving on Monday

January 20th, 2005 at 06:12 pm

Well today we spent a ton of money. We had to get the car inspected, and needed a few thing at BJs. We managed to avoid most of the impulse buys, though I did get some cashews, and we spent over 100, but a lot of that was milk, butter, pepperoni, and graham crackers. No diapers, for the first time in forever! My DD was wearing underwear at the store and she has been doing great, we still need a pull-up for bedtime, but I figure my DS only gave it up when we ran out so she will prolly too. We did get to spend cash cause my mother left us with some. And apparently the check for selling our laptop is in the mail, which is good news. And we will be getting one in the next month or two for selling my sons computer, we sold it to family so it will take some time, but they needed it.

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