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Family fun

January 23rd, 2005 at 05:13 pm

We had the greatest time last night playing a childs version of charades! It was awesome, we had the kids pick an animal and then act it out, my youngest is only 1 but she was the cutest little imitaor, making most of the sounds and even trying to waddle like a duck. My 'oldest' is 2.75. he had the hardest time not telling me what he was being, he wanted to say it then do it, which took the guesswork out of it, but was still the cutest thing, great fun.

This morning my kids decided I should play revers pictionary, they gave me an animal and I was supposed to draw it, I have no artistic talent whatsoever, that all went to my bro, but the kids thought it was fun, I am a big girl so the description of my horse being more like a 3 legged dinosaur didn't bother me, much. just kidding, they were right. it did look like a dinosaur. next time I think I will try making a dinosaur and see if it looks like a horse!

This has nothing to do with money except that it was free entertainment!, well we did have to buy the crayons and paper but honestly we are using up the stash of paper from my DHs highschool, and the crayons are frequent gifts for kids. So really free Smile.

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