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Forgot about taxes!

February 11th, 2005 at 06:30 pm

Not about doing them, we did them last night. We figured them by hand the other night, but we needed a c form so that I could take care of my irritating buisness thing. I thought we might be able to escape that if we could do it online, so we got the wireless card working and went online last night and did it.

It took 2 hours! long, lots of numbers to fill in and stuff, but the end resault was we got almost 1000 extra from the federal, no idea why. And we got 10$ extra on the state, now we had to pay for the state, but honestly to not have to dig up a stamp and remember andall that stuff I was cool with the 20$ plus I hope to use the same service next year and the free option for the federal saved us a bunch.

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