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Garage attack

February 12th, 2005 at 04:39 pm

That would be me attacking the clutter in there! We have a huge amount of stuff, some of it just needs carted off to the goodwill. DH hates driving so we hardly ever go anywhere we don't actually like being, or have to go. Driving to the grocery store is a neccessity, driving to the friends house is cool, driving to good will, not for him. Anyway hoping to talk him into borowing the neighbors SUV and get it all in one trip.

I also managed to organize some things, and throw out a whole wheeled thing of garbage, no idea where to stick the house garbage for hte week Smile. but looking forward to having the garage emptier, so at least the kids can play in the summer. I would really like to be able to fit the car. I odn't actually know anyone with a one car garage that actually puts the car in it. Weird.

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