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Friends house, pay back delema

February 21st, 2005 at 02:09 pm

Iwas called to fill a 6th for a game yesterday, I love games, but this was not really my style, but the trouble is, I asked if I should bring anything, I was told no. But on the way we stopped fpr pop and chips and water for me (I had no money so I spent none) Then around dinnertime they decide to order out, now I am always hungry so I was all for food, but I had no money! My friend who took me, bought a dinner and split it with me, poor guy had no idea how much I eat, but I really appriciated it. He also insisted on getting it quickly. I need food regularly! I said I would raid their fridge if I had too! ( I know, not the politest in the world, but I had reason)

After dinner we played another game that was very goofy and fun, Then I was home in time for bed, I need my beauty rest. Smile

But now my delema, do I pay dude back for dinner? If I had known I would have packed something for me, I don't have the 5$ for him, oh plus the cost of water, I drink alot of water, which ain't cheap these days. But I still feel a bit guilty he doesn't have a lot of money either, or he would have bought me my own meal!

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