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Want more money

February 22nd, 2005 at 01:59 pm

No my expensis haven't gone up (except the medical being more) but I was at that friends house yesterday and I am jelous of the way they spend money. I am not certain if they all have that much or if it is credit, but I would love the option to eat out any old time I felt like it, or even just on special occasions. I woul also love to be able to afford all the games I like to play, though thanks to flylady I don't want a stack of clutter games in my closet. Only the ones I would play regularly.

Anyway I was thinking that last night and realized I was turning green, and whats worse I was thinking that it was my DHs fault, he is capable of their jobs, but he doesn't want to switch, nor put the effort into a search. But its not ike I am willing to go get a job to live like that! I would miss my kids too much, not to mention the option of staying in my pjs Smile (though I don't generaly cause I find I don't get anything done in them)

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