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February 25th, 2005 at 03:31 pm

---------Thursday disclaimer: get your moind out of the gutter Smile it is a warehouse store.-----------

We spent way more than we should have last night at BJs and my DH followed it up with a trip to target, buying icecream, being nice to his wifes cravings, and a charlie brown movie.

Not a good spending day at all, but hopefully I can mke up for it with the food bill over the next few weeks. I managed to rearange my house routines to accomodate my troubles, and being in a cleaner house and having a clean kitchen will really help with cooking again.

2 Responses to “BJs OUCH”

  1. maria beltran Says:
    1193325969 name is maria beltran for about two months now me and my husband have ben to so bad we cant ven buy food i have 4 kids that are my life i dont know what to do iam asking you for some help please call me or send me an email its not an every day thing i have a job i just need food until i get paid i dont want money send me a gift card or somthing anything will help i will be so great full help i dont know who to trune to sincerly your ;maris

  2. princessperky Says:

    Try your local help center or soup kitchen, you can get food at most regardless of income

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