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Neighbor birthday

February 27th, 2005 at 02:44 pm

I noticed yesterday that my neighbor and friends echo my no money comments, but they have all kinds of stuff? I guess it could be that the stuff is comming in by cc, but I just find it weird.

It was his bday party, I gave him the fudge, relativly cheap and I was going to get him some for taking some stuff to good will anyway.

When it was time for dinner, (I had brought some stuff the kids and I could have if we needed), they asked what we wanted for dinner, One dude, with a new convertable said "anything cheap and fast, I am hungry and have no money" I of course seconded that one and the other two guys did as well. Very odd to me. I know that they were nice enough to buy the pizza without asking for loot from us, I just think it is odd that NO ONE had money!

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